A Glimpse in My Palettes

Here’s a look into my current makeup palettes. I prefer depotted shades because 1) Palettes take up less room 2) I remember to use all the shades because they’re there in plain view and 3) I don’t have to rummage through a whole drawer looking for a specific shade. I do love special packaging, but I will ruin it to put that shade in a palette if I know it’s a keeper forever.

One thing I love about Japanese or Japanese inspired brands is that they make depotting so easy. They have holes in the packaging and easy light glue. You can just pop the pan out by poking them through the hole in the back. You don’t have to ruin the package depotting it and then you can put it back in the case if you want to in the future. Everyone else should learn from this and make their items easy to depot. It’s the way makeup has been going for years, even with the non pro makeup artists.

I wasn’t originally going to list the shades, but I figure I’ll get asked so might as well. I’ll do left to right, top row to bottom row. Yes I know it’s a lot of browns and nudes and might be boring for those color adventurers. I love browns/nudes in every shape and form.


Surratt-Chinchilla, Vision, Zibeline, Brunatre. Natasha Denona-Skin, Satin Skin, Satin Tan, Smoky Topaz. L’oreal Holographic King’s Ransom(DC’d and old).

Surratt-Soie, Idealiste, Haute Chocolate, Griege, Ombre, Brun Noir. NARS Kalahari L shade. YSL Couture Mono #11.

SUQQU Yuushakuyaku Top L, Bottom L. SUQQQU Kozuecha Bottom R, Top R. SUQQU Rengazome Top L, Top R. SUQQU Trio Toutouseki Bottom Brown. THREE 4-D Plus Palette 03 Glitter shade. NARS Kalahari R shade. Addiction Penny Lane.

SUQQU Yuushakuyaku Top R, Bottom R. SUQQU Kozuecha Top L, Bottom L. SUQQU Rengazome Bottom R, Bottom L. SUQQU Trio Toutouseki Middle Pink. THREE 4-D Plus 02 Glitter shade. Armani Maestro 32. YSL Couture Mono #17. Addiction Marron Glace.

THREE 4-D Plus Bottom L Browns from-X01, 01, 03, 02. Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess Grey Enhance shade. SUQQU Trio EX-05 Sumichazumi Middle Brown with the Bottom Black right below. THREE 4-D Plus 03 Bottom R with Bottom L from X01 right below. Burberry Pale Barley new version. Edward Bess Intimate. Addiction Christmas Love.


MAC Seduced at Sea, Estee Edit First Lover, Becca Mineral Sweetpea, NARS Douceur, THREE 08 Eternal Traveler with THREE 17 Wind Swept Soul right below.

Marc Jacobs Flesh & Fantasy, SUQQU 02 Hanachaori, Makeup Revolution Nude, Urban Decay Video, THREE 07 Magical Thinking with Surratt La Rosee Du Soir right below.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Habanera, Armani Sheer Blush #4, Addiction #29 Noah.


NYX Duo Chromatic-Lavender Steel, Crushed Bloom. Makeup Revolution Ulta Pro Glow Palette Pink Shade 2nd from Bottom L. Urban Decay Fireball.

Natasha Denona Light, Makeup Geek Psychedelic.

Random Eyeshadows

L row top to bottom: MAC-Silver Sun, Smut, Urban Decay Bust.

R row top to bottom: Makeup Geek I’m Peachless, Urban Decay-Fireball, Suspect, MAC-Patina, Vex.


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