Addiction by Ayako Eyeshadows: Reviews & Swatches

Addiction by Ayako is a Japanese brand I like. I get them off Ichibankao. I’ve played with the eyeshadows some. I have Cafe Mambo form the Spring 2014 Collection, and Pathos form the new Fall 2014 Collection, as well as Beige, Earth Wind & Singita. Addiction eyeshadows can be removed easily from their case(the glue is not very heavy, poke a pin through the hole it comes right out no heat) and placed into a separate case. They have 2 different sizes of palettes.

The small regular single cases are shiny black. The palettes have a clear red inlay on the black plastic. They are very shiny.

The shadows are silky and blend well. They have different shade types I have Mattes and Pearls. Addiction also has Sparkles and Metallic types. The small case on the L is Cafe Mambo from the Spring 2014 collection. It’s a Pearl. Cafe Mambo is a shimmery dark grey/brown slight olive toned pearl. The palette on the R is 4 pans with starting top L then clockwise: Pathos, Earth Wind, Beige and Singita which are all matte except Singita which is a pearl technically but is more like a satin.  The mattes are all silky and well pigmented. Beige is a beige, Earth Wind is a matte light to medium neutral brown, Pathos is a darker brown and Singita is a satin slightly shimmery grey brown that has a purple edge.

Top to Bottom: Beige, Earth Wind, Pathos, Singita, Cafe Mambo.

So far Addiction seems to make good shadows. It’s just tough to buy them because of availability, price mark up and lack of swatches in the US. The palette system they have is just like Surratt. I use double sided tape to hold them in place. The Addiction eyeshadows have a tiny bit of glue on them that holds them into the small cases they come in. You push them out through the hole on the back. The glue stretches and is not hard like a MAC shadow. It’s not enough glue to really hold it into place in the palette but you could try. It’s a system that like Surratt doesn’t make the shadows fell the most stable in their palette, some kind of magnetic or snap in system would be better.

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