Addiction by Ayako Shell Garden Eyeshadow: Swatches

I have already talked about Addiction eyeshadows in the past here. Their Spring 2015 Pink Sand Collection came out and I decided to grab Shell Garden. As soon as I swatched it I could tell it wasn’t for me, but I thought I would swatch it for you guys. As I did not wear it I won’t review it.

Shell Garden is an icy white with pink shimmer, and pink and more prominent white micro glitter. It looks like a really pale icy silver versus white as a base in the pan, but it looks white swatched. Overall it’s glittery, frosty and cool toned. You can get Addiction in the US at for around $30. They are a custom buy online Japanese shop so you pay a mark up, they are reliable and I’ve used them many times.

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