Addiction Eyeshadow Reformulation: Swatches & Review Part 1

I’m not a stranger to Addiction’s eyeshadows, I first talked about them here. Addiction recently reformulated their eyeshadows and now have 99 shades. I didn’t grab any at first because of the whole lack of swatches, can’t view in person because it’s Japanese only and the lack of returns if you buy the wrong shade issues with Addiction. Recently I decided to grab a couple and started with these six brown shades.

These used to come in solid black plastic cases, now they are clear. They are still super easy to depot, you just push the pan out as the glue is repositionable and soft. No melting required. I get these from Ichibankao as they are not available in the US. It comes out to around $28 a piece for them.

I grabbed L to R: 75 Boy Toy, 70 Marron Glace, 32 Sand Bar, 25 Christmas Love, 24 Penny Lane, 05 Swan Lake:

These are all listed as Pearl(P) shades except for Christmas Love which is a Silky(S) shade. The pearl shades have a variety of finishes, they are not all the same. Some are more satin, some are almost metallic. I noticed this in their old line as well. I wish they were more consistent in the texture/labeling. They do have a Metallic(M) finish as well which is more intense than the metallic pearl shades. I don’t have any of those to talk about.

The range is broken down into: White/Black which is Swan Lake; Pink Beige; Yellow Beige which is Penny Lane, Christmas Love and Sand Bar; Pink/Purple; Yellow/Green; Matte Brown; Pearl Brown which is Marron Glace and Boy Toy; Rose/Burgundy; & Accent. They all have decent pigment, blend well and are overall pretty decent eyeshadows. Some of the shades I prefer less than others depending on the finish, such as the ones with micro glitter. The issue I run into is trying to find shades for me from only online swatches, if I can even find a swatch.

05 Swan Lake is a sparkling almost metallic white with red pearl and larger white micro glitter. It has a harder texture overall. This doesn’t make it hard to apply, it’s just not as soft as some of the other shades. It’s not powdery at all and is very pigmented. It has a wet feel to it when compared to the others. It’s not a cream to powder or similar type in any aspect, it just feels moister than the others. The micro glitter has a bit of fall out. Overall it has a smooth feel to it. It’s lasts the longest of the pearl finishes.

I show this inside one to show the red pearl missing in above photos:


24 Penny Lane is a light shimmery iridescent pink beige with no glitter. It’s less hard than Swan Lake, more of a light pearly effect. It has a bit sheerer of an application than Swan Lake as well. It’s not powdery at all.

Inside shows the iridescence better:


25 Christmas Love is a light cooler beige shade made up of purely very very fine micro glitter. This isn’t the usual micro glitter, it’s finer. It’s a unique texture unlike anything I own currently. It sounds odd but I can hear a faint sound when I swipe my finger across it. The shade has a rainbow effect in sunlight. It makes a lovely layering shade. This is the sheerest of the bunch and has no fall out I noticed for being glitter. I love it, this is the best ever glitter shade I have tried or owned. It actually makes me like glitter again.



32 Sand Bar is a more satin light shimmery nude. It’s the least shimmery of the pearl shades and more pigmented than Christmas Love, but less pigmented than the rest of the shades. It has a basic satin feel. It’s a touch powdery and drier than the rest, but it’s not a big issue for me. This comes across as soft and very neutral on the lids, it’s almost the same shade as my lids. It can look peachy or warmer in some lights, but it goes on pretty neutral when worn. It’s not warm on me once applied.


70 Marron Glace is a pearl medium dark neutral brown. This has the same texture as Penny Lane. It’s a classic refined pearly brown. Nothing special, but it’s a good basic. I liked this as a lid shade with Christmas Love layered over and Penny Lane on the brow bone.


75 Boy Toy is an almost metallic finish dark khaki brown with gold micro glitter. It’s the same texture as Swan Lake. It’s very pigmented.


Swatches Top to Bottom: Swan Lake, Penny Lane, Christmas Love, Sand Bar, Marron Glace, Boy Toy:


With the exception of Swan Lake and Boy Toy I love the other shades. I’m just not a micro glitter fan. If you love a refined glitter and nudes you have to check out Christmas Love, it’s so unique. The rest could be duped by other brands but I’ve never seen anything like Christmas Love. It’s a glitter that any normal glitter hater could love. Overall they were good choices for me. They depot so easily. My two favorites are Christmas Love and Penny Lane. Marron Glace is a good classic. Sand Bar is a good blending or transition shade.

I’ll do comparison swatches in a separate post as this is long as it is. This is also Part 1, I have a Part 2 coming up with four more shades I ordered after I got these.

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