Addiction Eyeshadow Reformulation: Swatches & Review Part 2

I recently posted a Part 1 review with six shades of the new reformulated Addiction eyeshadows. Now onto Part 2.

I have left to right 50 Tuxedo Moon, 17 Day Trip, 29 Magic Flute, 68 Nostalgia:

These are all considered Pearl(P) shades and same as Part 1 the Pearl range varies quite a bit in texture. With the exception of Nostalgia, these four shades are all the more drier, powdery, satin texture. Nostalgia is the more almost creamy wet texture same as Swan Lake and Boy Toy in Part 1. I hesitate to say wet and creamy because they are powder and not a cream or cream to powder at all, but they have a more emollient feel.

50 Tuxedo Moon is a neutral grey beige with a faint pink pearl. It reminds me of MAC Vex. It’s a sheerer, powdery satin shade. The pearl is more faint in this one than MAC Vex, it’s less shimmery overall. It does however have a purple feel. It’s listed in Addiction’s Yellow/Green Category but it looks more grey purple beige. I’m not sure why this one isn’t in the Pink Beige or Black White Category. It’s not warm yet it’s not cool with the purple tone, it feels overall neutral. I’ll post a comparison photo in a future post.


17 Day Trip is a satin light pink beige. It’s in the Pink Beige Category. The shimmer is similar to the base shade. This one has that drier more powdery texture.


29 Magic Flute is a warm light to medium shimmery caramel nude with gold micro glitter. It’s that drier more powdery texture. There is some fall out with with gold glitter. It’s in the Yellow Beige Category.


68 Nostalgia is from the Pearl Brown Category. It looks like a cooler medium shimmery brown with silver shimmer. It has a silver shimmer topcoat on it as well. This does rub off first few uses as you can see the middle shows the truer color with the edges still having that topcoat. While it looks cool in the pan it goes on warmer than you think. It ultimately looks like a warmer medium brown with silver shimmer and micro glitter. It gives a wet brown look. It has an emollient texture like I talked about above. While it’s the same texture as Swan Lake and Boy Toy it’s sheerer than the two.


Top to Bottom: Tuxedo Moon, Day Trip, Magic Flute, Nostalgia:

I have some comparison swatches between the 10 shades and with other brands I own that I’ll post up later in the week once I get to editing them. Overall, I liked all but Magic Flute. I’m not into the micro glitter otherwise I would like it. Oddly, the micro glitter in Nostalgia is OK for me. It doesn’t have fall out near what Magic Flute does. It’s not my usual type of shade, but I like the look of it. I have a few more shades I want to grab from Addiction’s new line in the future.

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