Allure Sample Society October Subscription Box

Recently Sample Society was redeeming themselves, however this months box has been a disappointment and many are upset. The spoiler was to get a full sized Estée Lauder Dark Spot Night Serum then when it came it was a 1/4 the size sample. Allure admitted to their mistake on Facebook. But still, was a disappointing box, I will have to see what’s in it next month to see if they keep on a good roll.

Inside was a trio of Emi Jay hair ties, I personally have tried the ties I prefer my Sephora elastic bands to them, I feel they don’t grip well for my fine hair, they slid out. I could see them being good for no lines in your hair though. I love their headband as well, it’s a nightly staple of mine when I wash my face.

The Estée Lauder serum I already discussed. There was a Bond no. 9 sample in High Line in mine, one of three scents. I’ve always been disappointed by Bond fragrances as far as synthetic scents so I didn’t even open it based of the note description on Fragrantica. There was a Bobbi Brown smoky last mascara sample which I have tried and is not bad. Lastly, there is a a set of L’Oreal shampoo and conditioner. Allure Sample Society is known as a high end subscription box so this was the second reason many were upset. The shampoo has sodium laurel sulfates which I try to avoid, so I won’t use that. So ultimately I’ll try the Estée Lauder sample and the mascara and that’s it.

Overall, disappointing box. Nothing like what it has been lately. We shall see next month. I saw a few people got Septembers box by accident, I actually wished I had gotten that accident as last month was great in comparison, sadly I got October.

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