Anastasia Brow Primer Review

I use clear brow wax as a way to keep my brows in place after brow color. The two I was using the most was MAC’s Clear Brow Finisher and Surratt’s Expressioniste Brow Pomade. I received this Anastasia Brow Primer in a Cultbeauty gift bag and decided to try it. It’s very similar to the MAC Brow Finisher except maybe a bit softer. It’s a clear wax chunky pencil that you sharpen. The retail for this is $21.  

There is a few ways you can apply this. You can apply it after color, such as powder, gels and pencils, to hold the brow hairs in place. This is how I use it. The Anastasia site says you use it as a primer for powder brow color. “This soft, colorless wax pencil creates a smooth, even canvas onto which powder can adhere. Like a styling aid for your brows, it also helps tame, groom, and position wayward or in-between stage hairs.” I tested this method, and it does work for powders only, not for pencils. It makes the powder apply darker, yet it made the pencil apply lighter.

Tested on my arm below, the left side is without the Anastasia Brow Primer, the right side is using the Brow Primer first. Top is the pencil, bottom is Bobbi Brown’s Blonde eyeshadow/brow powder.

I use pencils and not powder so the second method I never use, but I see it’s benefit. I find a clear brow wax to be a daily essential for me to keep the hairs in place. This is a good pencil for that purpose. I like it better than MAC’s because it pulls less hairs out being a touch softer.

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