Archipelago Botanicals Coconut Body Lotion & Wash Review

Archipelago Coconut Body Lotion has become one of my favorite body lotions. The scent is a light coconut that’s simple and clean for a coconut scent. It’s not too sweet like some can be. It maybe could be classified as a green coconut scent. The bottle is made of light metal and has a pump. It’s a 18 oz bottle that retails for $25. I usually get it at Ulta.

This is a thicker, heavier lotion, it moisturizes well using coconut oil. I get no dryness later in the day or the next morning like I do with other lotions. It does take about ten minutes or so to fully absorb. However, five minutes after applying I have no troubles getting dressed and having it be too greasy. It’s more of a thick, rich feel versus greasy. I am almost done with my first bottle. The only negative is the metal bottle, the pump leaves about 15% or so left in the bottom of the tube when it stops pulling it up. In order to get the last bit I have to turn it upside down and bang the rest out. Not the end of the world, but slightly annoying. 
The thickness of the lotion:

The Coconut Body Wash is also a favorite of mine. It comes in two sizes, I use the largest 33 oz bottle which retails for $25. This is a plastic bottle with a pump and the large one lasts a long time. The scent is the same as the lotion, simple and clean coconut. The body wash has a slightly pearly off white color. I love that this is sulfate and paraben free. The main ingredients are coconut oil, oat protein, ginger root and yucca vera extract. It’s moisturizing and foams just fine for me without sulfates. 
I highly recommend either if you love coconut, are looking for a moisturizing body wash or heavier body lotion, and want paraben or sulfate free products. Check out Ulta when they’re having a buy one get one half off sale or a coupon of some sort. Until something better comes along these two will remain staples in my bathroom. 

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