Armani Ecstasy Lacquer 500 Vintage & 503 Fatale: Review & Swatches

Armani recently came out with a new lip product, Ecstasy Lacquer. Per Armani’s website “Introducing Ecstasy Lacquer-The shine of a lacquer, the color & comfort of a lipstick, & the hold of a stain. The innovative Armani Liquid Vinyl Technology features the highest concentration of water soluble pigments, allowing for pure, vivid color impact with maximum long wear results. The formula is enriched with glycerin for comfortable application and long lasting hydration. It can be applied in a single layer for a subtle touch of color, added over any Armani lipstick as a top coat, or in a layered application for a bold, statement lip.”

I grabbed 500 & 503. They are pretty much like the YSL Glossy Stains except not as drying. They’re comfortable to wear, though I only got 2-3 hours of wear before I feel I need to reapply. They’re a gloss, stain, lipstick hybrid that starts as a liquid and dries down to a slightly tacky thicker gloss, like the YSL. There’s a minimal stain left behind when removed. I like this formula better than YSL’s because it’s more comfortable and moisturizing, I just don’t like Armani’s colors as much. They’re all pretty dark. I picked what I thought would be the lightest shades but they’re still darker than I would like. I would love the YSL Rebel Nudes in this formula and packaging. These retail for $38 so they’re not cheap.

500 or Vintage is a medium, warm, shimmery bright coral. It has a slight hint of pink, but it’s mostly coral. It has similar coral as well as gold shimmer. 503 or Fatale is a medium shimmery mauve. It’s neutral to cooler in tone. It had similar mauve colored and a hint of pink shimmer. I hope to see some lighter shades in the future because it’s a nice formula.

Swatches: Top 500, Bottom 503:


Stain Left After Removal:

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