Armani Fluid Sheer #17: Review & Swatches

I love Armani Fluid Sheers for a liquid glow. Fluid Sheers are liquids you can use to illuminate or perfect a complexion by mixing it in your foundation. They come in 30 ml glass bottles with a pump and retail for $62. They are pricey but my bottles last forever. I normally stick to their highlight or subtle glow shades, but I was intrigued by the summer shades that just came out so I grabbed #17.

There was a previous Fluid Sheer #17 Radiant Pigment that was a yellow shade, so I was wondering if this was a repromote of it, but after getting this shade in the mail it’s definitely a different shade. I had emailed Armani Beauty last month asking if these were limited edition or repromoted shades, but I have yet to hear back. The new shades are #13, 14, 15, 17 and 18. I’m still curious is #13 is the same as last Spring’s limited shade, which was amazing, but it looks like a shimmery gold online and I haven’t been in stores yet to look at it in person. I’m hoping to next week.

This looks like a shimmery mauve in the bottle, but when you pump it and rub it in this turns into more of a shimmery bronze rose. The mauve base seems to disappear when you rub it in, and all you get is a predominant bronze rose shimmer followed by mostly silver shimmer, there is multi colored shimmer in it as well. It’s very shimmery, not glittery, but almost frosty shade. The picture below is in bright sunlight to show the shimmer more:

This shade ended up not being one that really works for me. Mixed in foundation it adds shimmer, and a rosy brown tint that doesn’t work well on my skintone, NC 25-27 borderline light-medium with yellow undertones. As a blush it’s nice, but it’s so sheer I have to use several layers which makes it way too frosty as a blush for me. So if you like more shimmery blush, I prefer more matte, this might work for you. As a highlighter it’s way to dark for me, but I can see it working for darker skintones.

Rubbed in more and dry:

Shown in sunlight to show shimmer better, and rubbed in more and dry in second photo:

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