Armani Runway Spring Summer 2015 Palette Swatches & Review

I did rough swatches some time ago when I got this, now it’s time for the review as I’ve had time to play with it.

The palette comes with a beige fabric top and a drawstring bag:

The top layer in the compact is the face powder which has the words “ARMANI runway” in it:

The powder is a light beige with slight micro glitter in it:

The bottom layer of the compact has three eyeshadows and two sponge tip applicators:

The eyeshadows are a shimmery taupe, a satin medium neutral brown and a metallic silver:

The retail is $120 which is more pricey than their normal special compacts, I’m not sure if this is a new price, or because of the fabric packaging. Same as the lipstick, I can do without the pouch as I’ll never use it. Armani’s website describes it as: “The precious black case of the Armani Runway palette – a fashion accessory in itself – is adorned with a moiré beige pattern that suggests wind-blown ripples in sand, and contains the face and eyes make-up. There is a translucent powder, soft to the touch, which creates an even, matte complexion and enhanced facial contours. Nestled beneath the powder are a trio of eye shadows in delicate, luminous shades of taupe, pink/golden beige and silver.”

The face powder I thought was a highlight powder, but it sounds like they dusted it all over the models faces on the runway. It’s a finely milled matte light beige powder that has tiny micro glitter in in. The glitter shades are pink, gold and silver. It’s not a very shimmery looking powder but it’s more shimmery than I like a general face powder to be. It reminds me of La Mer’s translucent powder where it has that micro glitter in it, if you like those kinds of shades you’ll like it. Or you can use it as a subtle highlighter. It doesn’t add any beige color, so it’s pretty much just like those translucent powders that have some micro glitter in them.

The eyeshadows are finely milled and I love the texture, they remind me of the older Maestro eyeshadows, which never should have gotten discontinued. The left is a shimmery taupe which is smooth and pigmented. The middle is a satin medium neutral brown with some hints of pink and gold, Armani should have made their description say brown not beige and it would have fit. This shade is the least pigmented of the three. It’s a smooth satin, I would love this as a single. The right is a highly pigmented metallic silver. This is a true silver, it’s not blue based nor warm. The palette overall has a neutral to cool feel to it, it’s not warm. It gives a very nice subtle look depending how much of the silver you use. The powders are all finely milled, smooth and apply well. They last an average time of about 8-10 hours, I didn’t notice any fall out. It’s a very nice palette if you like neutrals. Maybe a little overpriced, I could have done without the fabric details and stuck with old palette prices below $100.

Swatches L to R: Eyeshadows as in compact, Face Powder with bottom slightly rubbed in where you can see the micro glitter better:

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