Armani Runway Spring Summer 2015 Palette Very Rough Swatches

Hi, just got this today and did a few pictures in the car just so anyone trying to decide on it will have some idea of color. I’ll do an in depth review and better pictures after next week. These were all pics in direct sunlight in the car, so they will look different inside as these are a bit washed out.

The drawstring bag it comes in is a kind of ecru/linen color with a floral pattern, it’s also on the lid of the compact. Watch out, I imagine that fabric on the lid will get dirty and can’t be cleaned really well as it’s the actual same fabric as the bag.

The top layer is a highlighter powder, it’s a beige with almost a very slight pink pearl, but mostly gold and silver micro glitter I see. It has a powdery appearance, the micro glitter is more visible once blended in. I can only see that hint of pink pearl in direct sunlight. The bottom layer has L to R: a shimmery light taupey brown, they called it a rose gold, but it looks cooler and more taupe to me, a more satin neutral to cool medium brown with almost a hint of pink shimmer, and a very shimmery metallic cool to neutral light silver. The middle shade is amazing and my favorite. Pricey at $120, we’ll see when I do a look with it and decide how amazing it is. Overall, it’s a very neutral to cool palette, not warm at all.

L to R: The Silver, Middle Brown, The Taupe, The Highlighter:

This picture is out of focus, but it shows the highlighter’s shimmer best, which is on the far right:

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