Armani Runway Spring Summer 2015 Rouge d’Armani Sheer Lipstick Review & Swatches

I finally got some sunlight today! So here’s the lipstick that matches the Runway Spring Summer 2015 Palette.

The lipstick is the Rouge d’Armani Sheer variety. It retails for $40 and comes with a fabric pouch. The regular lipsticks are only $35 so you’re paying $5 extra for the pouch as the case and lipstick are exactly the same as the regular version. For me personally, I would rather have it $5 cheaper and skip the pouch as I’ll never use it, and even in my purse it would get dirty as it’s so light in color.

The lipstick has the same normal texture and formula, like a sheer glossier lipstick. It doesn’t last long maybe 2 hours at most and requires frequent applications. It’s not drying, yet not really moisturizing either.

Armani’s website states the color “contains two glass-based pearl pigments in cherry and champagne and silver mica-based pearl. Together, they form a subtle, iridescent pink-and-gold shade.” The shade looks much more nude in their promo photos. In real life it’s more of a light yellow gold nude base with pink micro glitter. It could have the silver pearl they mention, but it’s so faint it looks like a  cream on. Ultimately it looks like a light yellow gold nude with pink micro glitter. It actually is pigmented enough to change my lip color to a pale yellow nude as a cream does. I thought it would have been much sheerer and more iridescent on. Granted it’s not a full on cream, but the silver micro pearl is enough to act just like a white base does in other lipsticks. The pink aspect is hardly noticeable, only as the glitter that gets left behind, the color overall is a light golden nude, the glitter is also not gritty. It almost wipes me out too much and is too pale for me, but I also am not a fan of colors this light. I could see someone who loves a pale lip rocking this with a darker eye easily. It’s an interesting lighter gold nude, just not for me. I don’t feel it really has an overall iridescent pink gold feel to it.

It was extremely hard to get a good photo that looks the way it does in person, especially as a swatch. Inside light makes it look more nude, outside you see more of the yellow gold.

Here’s in more direct then indirect sunlight versus inside:

Swatches where some show the pink micro glitter better than others:

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