Aromaleigh Eyeshadows Part 1: Galatea, Nemesis, Love Not Fear, Enigma: Review & Swatches

I talked about Aromaleigh here. This is post #1 of the eyeshadows. Galatea is described as a satin-finish pale cream, with a strong pink/violet iridescent duochrome effect. That’s pretty accurate, it does have quite a bit of micro glitter in it as well, so it’s very sparkly and a bit too glittery for me. I bought a 1/4t sample for $3.50. It’s more than enough to check out if you like it or not. This one did have some fall out due to the glitter. It’s moderately pigmented.

Nemesis is described as a muted tan satin finish base with a rich metallic copper/red highlight. That’s pretty accurate, the tan is warmer based. There’s no glitter in this shade. It’s also the most subdued and least shimmery/metallic of the bunch. This is one of my favorites out of all the eyeshadows I grabbed. It’s my favorite of this post. I grabbed the 1/4t sample for $3.50. I might grab a larger pot one day. I love that the sample is big enough for me to see if I still love it in a month or two. This one is sheer to moderately pigmented.

Love Not Fear is described as a beautifully delicate but very complex shade, with several layers of color and finish within it. It is intended to be an extremely wearable shade, but also fascinating in it’s delicate shifts of finish and chromatic effects (this was done on purpose to reflect the broad and diverse range of the Autistic Spectrum). It is a chameleon-like color, which will appear very different on different skintones and in different lighting conditions. In sunlight and on a pale warm/yellow skin tone, it appears as a softly metallic cocoa with taupe tones and rich chromatic effects of rose and copper.

On me I get a light metallic taupe base with the rose/copper effects. It is a really cool shade, it has a bit of micro glitter in it which is the only thing keeping me from totally loving this shade. It’s not as bad as other shades, the glitter is more subdued. It’s listed as being not lip safe. The 1.2g jar is $7.50 and only comes in one size. The fall out isn’t too bad on this one with the glitter, better than I expected. This one benefits Autism, some of the sales get donated. This one is pretty pigmented.

Enigma is described as “Tone it down taupe” with borealis sparkles, representing the spectrum of neurodiversity. An easy to wear shade that you’ll reach for every day. It’s a light taupe base with multicolored micro glitter. The glitter is heavy in this one and too much for me. It has some fall out. It has a cool taupe with a pink shift feel. This comes in one size only for $7.50. This one also benefits Autism. This one is moderately pigmented.

As with any loose powder eyeshadow using a flat paddle shaped brush and patting it on will minimize fall out. A primer is also necessary. I’m still testing which primer is best. I’m testing them with Urban Decay Enigma, NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone, Too Faced Shadow Insurance & Glitter Glue, and Laura Mercier’s Eye Basics. I find the creamier bases like NYX and Too Faced show the color shift better but they crease faster and easier. I still don’t have a final opinion about which is the best/worst of each yet.

I find loose powder eyeshadows fade quicker than regular eyeshadows. It depends on the base. I’ll comment on which primers made longevity better in the last eyeshadow post when I’m done fully testing. Everyday I throw on two different primers to test. These shades are all nice, pigmented, most are fairly even. They’re smooth and apply well, blend well. The finishes are all different, there’s a wide variety, so read the color description. They’re cheap, unique and well worth playing with a couple shades for the price. I have nothing bad to say about the product itself, only whether or not I like a shade choice.

Swatches Top to Bottom: Galatea, Nemesis, Love Not Fear, Enigma:

Video(Same order as above):

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