Aromaleigh Eyeshadows Part 3: Unorthodox, Alichino, Europa: Review & Swatches

I talked about Aromaleigh here, here and here. Unorthodox is described as a soft warm beige with a vibrant turquoise duochrome. That’s accurate. It’s a light beige that looks warmer, almost yellow beige, in the sunlight and when swatched/applied. It has a small amount of smaller micro glitter but it’s not really noticeable when worn, nor does it cause fall out. The color has sheer to moderate coverage and is lip safe. This one is fun to wear over other shades or alone for a very light natural look with some turquoise sheen. I might buy a big one of this with my next order, we’ll see how I feel about it in a month.

I got two free samples in my order. Alichino was one sample. It’s not a shade I would order or wear, but I’ll swatch it for you. It’s described as a muted greyed warm green plush matte base that sometimes appears more blue-grey. It has a strong color traveling duochrome effect which ranges from red to orange to gold. This color varies a lot depending on the lighting it is viewed in- something that is common with multichromatic “color traveling” pigments. That’s accurate, I did see the green or blue depending on the light. No micro glitter and it’s moderately pigmented. I did notice some of these darker shades don’t apply as smoothly as the lighter shades, it can get patchy. This was one of those shades. It’s not lip safe.

Europa was the other free sample I got and it’s described as a satin finish muted terracotta shade with a golden metallic undertone and bright teal sparkles. That’s accurate, it’s moderately pigmented. It’s not a shade I would use or buy but I swatched it for you. The micro glitter is very fine and not really noticeable as glitter.

I have comparison photos I’ll post next. Then another round of 5 eyeshadows I just got in yesterday.

Swatches Top to Bottom: Unorthodox, Alichino, Europa:

Video(Same order as above):

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