Aromaleigh Eyeshadows Part 4: Brahma, Philyra, Faverolles: Review & Swatches

I talked about Aromaleigh here. I’ve reviewed 3 sets of eyeshadows so far: here, here and here. Brahma is described as a delicate pastel pinkish brown with a strong grass green highlight. That’s accurate. The base color blends in with my skintone, but it’s very frosty and shimmery so it looks lighter. It’s not glittery at all and is moderately pigmented. This made a great inner corner highlight, it was almost too strong for me as a brow highlight. I usually don’t wear colors this light on my lid. The sample is enough to last a long time but I doubt I’d get a big one. If you like complex shimmery frosty whites or almost whites you would like this. I prefer Philyra to this. Virgo Supercluster highlighter is also very similar to this, just less frosty, you don’t need both.

Philyra is described as a soft buff shade with strong yellowish green duochrome. The buff base is more buff pink but it blends in with my skintone well. The green highlight is less strong than Brahma, it’s also less frosty overall. It’s still very similar and a fun light shade with a gold green shift. I prefer this because it’s a bit more natural than Brahma. Overall, I prefer the Seven highlighter to both Brahma and Philyra. It fits me as a natural highlight that’s a buff base with a green highlight. So I wouldn’t buy either as a large container.

Faverolles is described as a soft pale taupe with a pink/copper shift. That’s accurate, though it has a very strong rose shift. There’s no micro glitter and the shimmer is very refined. The copper is very subtle. It’s moderately pigmented. I thought Armani’s Eyes to Kill in #30 Rose Popilla was really similar, but Faverolles is more pink. Rose Popilla has a greyer base with more copper reflects. Though they are very similar overall. Love Not Fear is cooler, lighter, frostier and more sparkly. I might buy a large jar of this, we’ll see how fast I go through the small one. It’s a really cool color.

Swatches Top to Bottom: Brahma, Philyra, Faverolles:

Photo in the shade, but shows the sheen:

Video(Same order as above):

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