Aromaleigh Eyeshadows Part 5: Othreis, Dryope, Malebranche, Keto: Review & Swatches

I talked about Aromaleigh here. I also reviewed eyeshadows here, here, here and here. This is the last post of eyeshadows I have to review. Othreis is described as a delicate gold to green color traveling duochrome in a plush matte fawn base. That’s an accurate description. It’s a sheer shade with no micro glitter. It’s great for layering or for a very natural sheer shimmery look. It doesn’t have a strong duochrome effect. It’s not lip safe.

Dryope is described as a real chameleon- it shifts from chestnut to brownish green, while the duochrome overlay shifts from red to aqua as you move it underneath a light source. The base is a medium cooler chestnut brown, it’s sheer to medium in pigmentation. The base does turn that brown green in sunlight, but inside it stays cooler chestnut brown. The shimmer is very fine and looks mostly teal, I can see it shift to red in some lights, mostly indoor light. Dryope is definitely more intense over a creamy eyeshadow base. Without the creamy eye base you don’t notice the red shift in the shimmer. It can feel a bit purple or very cool tones in certain lights. I’m not sure if I would buy a bigger pot because I’m not as into cooler browns more neutral, I need to see if I will use it more first. It’s not lip safe.

Malebranche was a free sample with my order. It’s not a shade I would use or buy normally but I’ll swatch it for you. Malebranche is described as a rich midtone copperish brown with slight metallic effects, and overlaid with a pale blue to silver duochrome effect. In different lighting, the duochrome can appear to blend with the base color, giving this shade a purplish lean. I agree with it being a mid copper or rust tone, I can see in inside light it turning slightly purple. I don’t get the silver blue part. I see multicolored small shimmer that may be more light blue or silver toned but they don’t cause a color shift I see. It’s moderately pigmented and not lip safe.

Keto was another free sample shade. It’s not a shade I would normally wear or buy though I love the shade. Keto is described as a deep grayed blue satin finish base with vivid aqua interference highlights and shimmer. It’s a grey navy base with teal shimmer. It’s moderately pigmented and as some other dark shades I noticed it’s more patchy in application.

Swatches Top to Bottom: Othreis, Dryope, Malebranche, Keto:

Video(Same order as above):

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