Aromaleigh Highlighters Part 2: Magellanic Cloud, Gravitational Lensing, Ostara, Vale of Nysa, Stelliferous Era, Laluna Lustre: Review & Swatches

I talked about Aromaleigh here. I reviewed the first set of highlighters I bought here. I loved them so much I bought 6 more. Magellanic Cloud is described as a buff base with an intense teal iridescence. That’s accurate. This is eye, lip, and face safe. It’s very similar to Virgo Supercluster. Same base. This one is definitely teal or more blue based shimmer versus green like Vergo Supercluster. The shimmer is fine, no glitter. Magellanic Cloud is less frosty and appears more subtle than Virgo Supercluster, which appears lighter. Magellanic Cloud is similar to Seven except with teal shimmer versus green. I grabbed a mini 4g jar for $7 which is plenty.

Gravitational Lensing is described as a buff base with a purple glow. That’s accurate. It’s eye, lip and face safe. It’s not glittery or frosty at all. Subtle shimmer, it does have a strong purple glow. I grabbed a mini jar for $7 and I probably wouldn’t rebuy it. It’s a great shade, I’m just not that into purples. Though I had to try it. It was just a bit too cool for my skintone.

Ostara is April’s Goddess of the Month, but it doesn’t have a color description.  It’s a light peach base with a pink purple glow. It’s a much more subtle purple glow compared to Gravitational Lensing. It’s not very shimmery, just glowy. The base almost disappears into my skin leaving behind the faint pink/purple glow. I don’t have anything similar except Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter in Fireball. Fireball has a pinker shift with a darker peach base, it’s also less purple but pretty similar applied. Ostara would work better for the fair/light skintones that couldn’t get away with Fireball because the base is warm and darker. This one is listed as eye and face safe, not lip safe. This one is the least shimmery of all the highlighters I got, more glowy.

Vale of Nysa is described as a pale buff peach highlighter shifting to rose. That’s accurate. It’s eye, lip and face safe. No glitter, very fine shimmer. It’s subtle. It’s most similar to Stelliferous Era except a deeper cooler pink and slightly darker. You don’t need both.

Stelliferous Era is described as a buff base which glows pink. That’s accurate. It’s subtle, not glittery. It’s eye, lip and face safe. It’s a lighter pink than Vale of Nysa, and less peachy than Fibronacci Sequence. I’m debating between the two on which works better for my skintone. I’m leaning towards Vale of Nysa.

“Laluna Lustre is a very fine, silky powder that slightly lightens your skin and gives you a luminous gleam. It’s the most subtle of the trio, but personally, I feel that it gives the most interesting effect because it is so finely milled that your skin becomes radiant with an iridescent glow. This makeup is especially dramatic when applied to your face, especially if you have pale, smooth skin- this makeup actually makes your skin look like glowing moonstone, or marble.”

There’s three levels to the Laluna powder, I grabbed Lustre the most subtle of the three. It’s still a very pearly white highlighting powder. It’s not subtle. You can blend it out to be somewhat more subtle, but it’s very shimmery and not a subtle slight shimmer face powder in general. For those of us who are not pale, it’s a white shimmery highlighting powder. It made me think of the movie Twilight and how it would make me have that same ‘Vampire sparkly in the sunlight pale skin’. The shimmer has a bit of muti-dimensional effect, it’s not pure white. It’s white in general for the most part on application. It wasn’t for me, but can’t beat getting a sample baggie for $2 just to try it.

Swatches Top to Bottom: Magellanic Cloud, Gravitational Lensing, Ostara, Vale of Nysa, Stelliferous Era, Laluna Lustre:

Video(Same order as above):

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