Barney’s Gift Bag- One More Day Left

The Barney’s Bag runs through tomorrow March 14th, looks like there’s still stock online. I got mine yesterday. Sorry I haven’t been able to get any good light photos for new posts this week, it’s seriously been raining and dreary clouds since Monday which have made all my colors off and too dark.

This is what I got to get it. I’ve been wanting Heeley Sel Marin for some time now, I was just waiting until the next Barney’s bag to get it. It’s a great summer scent, or year round for me as I love aquatic, sea, salty fragrances. It looks like they’ve repackaged it with labels now instead of printing directly on the bottle. I’m not a fan of the label, I like the old way much better. Guess that’s what I get for waiting six months to buy it. However, the fragrance is so worth the new label dislike. It retails for $180 for a 100ml bottle, so this is a pricey niche fragrance. I sampled it first from Surrender to Chance who sells any size sample you want of most fragrances. I try before I buy now thanks to them. The top notes are: lemon, bergamot, beech leaf; middle notes: sea salt, moss, algae; base notes: cedar, musk and leather.

I love Armani Eyes to Kill Macara, it’s one of my favorites. They made a new Black Ecstasy mascara which I added to reach my $200 gift bag minimum. There was a sample of this exact mascara in the Barney’s bag, so I get to try it first. I’m sure it will be fabulous as always. As of right now if I only got to use one mascara forever it would be Armani’s Eyes to Kill. All the versions I love. They don’t flake in my eye and irritate my contacts, they don’t clump or give me pointy spider lashes. I just get nice fat lashes.

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