Barney’s Love Yourself & Space NK Gift Bags Fall 2014

So this is a little late. But the main reason I’m posting what was in the Barney’s Love Yourself Fall gift bag is because this last Spring I noticed that every holiday or sometimes odd weekend the gift bag popped back up onto Barney’s website. This happened for about 2 months after it originally launched. I have no idea if that will happen again with this fall bag, but it’s worth a try.

Barney’s had this black canvas bag which was the first one I liked. I usually hate the bags they come in as I just have too many, but this one matches my travel beauty bags from the Army Navy Surplus store which are black canvas. So this is a bag I kept.

The only drag with this bag was the Sunday Riley Artemis Oil sample. This bottle didn’t close all the way and it leaked some in the bag. The threads seemed poorly formed on the bottle it didn’t close shut tightly.

The Space NK bag was a bit bigger. My only gripe getting it was I read all about this selling out fast etc so I called a store to pre order and was told I would get other samples from the store in addition to the bag and a list of all the brands they carried in store versus online. I also did not realize until the charge went through that tax gets charged as a pick up regardless or where you live. I live in Montana a tax free state and most items shipped form a store come to me tax free(Neiman’s, Barney’s etc). I got charged as a pick up order then it was shipped so I paid $25 for tax for nothing essentially plus I never got the list of brands or extra samples as mentioned. So in essence lesson learned I’ll order online next time and save $25.

There was a Sunday Riley Artemis Oil in this bag too which leaked as well. This bottle did not screw on at all, it was as if there was no real threads on it, I can’t even get it to shut and I wouldn’t mail it to anyone as I would not be able to trust it could not leak.

Overall they besides Bergdorf Goodman’s 2x/year event are the only beauty bags worth going after. Neiman Marcus has gone downhill for years now. There were some repeats between the two bags as well. The Radical serum, Malin + Goetz facial cleanser, Hourglass lipstick & Sunday Riley Artemis Facial Oil(both leaked and poorly made bottle wise).

So check Barney’s site on holidays and weekends for the next 2 months, you may find the bag on there. I’ll try to post if I see it.

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