Beauty Tools I Can’t Live Without

I have a few essential beauty tools I use everyday. The Sephora double loop extraction tool is the bottom tool in this picture. It’s for extracting white and black heads and is made of stainless steel. I’ve have this one for maybe 8 years or so. It was a great investment as it has lasted forever. It’s just starting to show a few little grey tarnished areas on the edges. I keep it in my bathroom and I’m sure the humidity for years has done it. I don’t remember the cost, Sephora has a similar one for $17 online currently. Tweezerman makes one similar, as do other brands. I use the flat end the most as it’s less painful than the round end. The round end does work for black heads or white heads on occasion. The flat end works for shallow extracting, the round for deeper needs. If you have any occasional blemishes it’s great, and much better than two fingers. I clean it with soap and water or rubbing alcohol on occasion.

The rest are all tools by Tweezerman who makes excellent products. Tweezerman also resharpens them for free for life, you just pay to send them back and pay the return postage. The nail clippers on the top left came in a set with toenail clippers as well. The set was $9 and it’s stainless tell. I’m not a fan of the toenail ones as they are harder to control for me. The small ones are great, they’re precise and sharp. I also recently found similar small nail clippers at Sally Beauty Supply for around $3. They are great as well, are stainless steel, and to the right. These Tweezerman ones are better than any Revlon, or other cheap clipper I’ve bought at Ulta. I will not go back to using any other brand of nail clipper now.

Top right is the Pointed Slanted Tweezerman Tweezers. I also have a pair of slanted flat tweezers but I much prefer the pointed version. The pointed tweezers are precise. You can get one hair at a time which is why they are my favorite. They retail for $25 and are stainless steel.

The middle left is the Tweezerman mini Cuticle Nippers. These came from the mini set of 3 tools called the Mini Nail Rescue Kit. I have tried the full size version of these and don’t like them as well. The large ones are less precise and you can’t get those small areas as well. These small ones are awesome. They clip cuticles with ease, are precise and almost sharper than the large ones. I keep one in my purse as well in the house. The set retails for $22 and it also has a mini nail file and cuticle pusher.

On the middle right is the mini Pushy and Nail Cleaner tool. This came from the same set mentioned above. I used to use the wooden sticks for this until I found this tool. This is a stainless steel cuticle pusher and is easier to use than wooden sticks. It’s thinner and tougher, so it makes pushing those cuticles down so easy. I rarely use the round end. When I do, I scrape the nail bed near the cuticles with it to clean any extra cuticle off. Follow this tool with the cuticle nipper, then you’re ready to paint your nails. The mini set was well worth it.

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