BeautyDNA August Box

Subscription Boxes are a new thing for me I started in July. They give you more products than the value you pay but it’s a theme or whatever they pick at the moment. So it’s not samples you pick every month. It’s like a surprise. So far I have been testing out BeautyDNA, Birchbox, Glossybox, Olfactif & Sample Society. I have a few to review coming up.

I’ll start with BeautyDNA which is in Beta mode and new. It gives you one full sized skin/hair/body product versus sample sized product every month for $25 which has at least a value of $40. They don’t do makeup. You go through a very long, extensive questionnaire about what your skincare preferences are. I didn’t mind the survey as it was able to be personalized to what I want in skincare/haircare/bodycare. I’m picky so it was nice, I also emailed customer service about the difference between natural plant alcohols and sd alcohol/denatured alcohol which I hate in my skincare and they added the difference in my profile which could not be done online, so plus for them!As an FYI if you get a shampoo one month you won’t get another shampoo for 12 months, they only do one type of product per year. Because they are in Beta mode they have been very nice with suggestions as well. I have asked for certain scents or ingredients to be added to the list that you can say you love, are ok with or don’t want. The idea is you don’t get products with ingredients you don’t want. You also don’t get products in categories you don’t want such as if you don’t want hair mousse you pick no. A computer program matches your picks to an item they have.

The first month I got Drunk Elephant TLC Night Serum which was worth $90 for $25 not bad. This last month I got Kiehl’s Amino Acid shampoo and a bonus of the Olive Hair Pack. They tend to send a bonus full sized gift if your first item doesn’t match the $40 value. Overall I love this one so far. I think my third one comes tomorrow. They also have started a survey and you say what you think and get entered for a monthly prize.

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