Beautylish Lucky Bag Natural 2015

So I am now moved into my month long hotel room until our house is ready, here in Texas. It’s definitely different from Montana, but I like a new adventure. 

I decided to order a Beautylish lucky bag after looking up the reviews from last years bag. Last years bag seemed awesome. I was disappointed with this years bag and I will get to that. I got the natural bag. It’s $75 for at least $150 in product. The Natural Lucky Bag is for the person who loves products but leans toward a more neutral palette. If perfect dewey skin and a flushed cheek is your look, the Natural is for you. 

This is what came in my natural bag. Looking at reviews online it seems like everyone got two of the above items, the Indie Lee Toner and a Lit Cosmetics Summer Sparkle glitter kit. The color in the glitter kit varied. The Indie Lee COQ-10 Toner retails for $32, is a 4 oz glass bottle and was one of my favorite items as I love skincare. I’m sure a lot of people didn’t care for a toner in the bag. The ingredients are: purified water, aloe, coenzyme q10, hyaluronic acid, chamomile, sage, papaya leaf extract, cucumber extract and bitter orange flower oil. I like Indie Lee it’s a nice natural ingredient brand. 

The Lit Kit I got was Hello Sunshine which is a gold glitter. For the life of me I have no idea why they would include a glitter kit in a natural bag, the color may be neutral, but glitter doesn’t fit in that type of kit. I won’t use it, it was a waste. I’m guessing since everyone got one, that the toner and this glitter kit were clearing out a stash for them. Which I do expect in a subscription style bag like this, just not glitter in a natural themed kit. The retail is $20.

I noticed a lot of people also got a Bliss Body Butter, not everyone but a fair amount. The scent is the grapefruit and aloe. I’m not a huge fan of Bliss body butter as it’s way too heavy for me, but I guess it will be a hand or foot cream for me. Retail is $29. 

Next up is a Kevyn Aucoin Eyeshadow Duo in #205 which is rose gold and deep iced plum. The retail is $42. This was an item it seems almost everyone got in the bag, just different colors. I also don’t consider this palette a natural palette, I feel like a different shade like 210 would have been more appropriate. I also saw this same shade 205 given in a Bold bag, so go figure, it works as natural and bold according to them. So a bust for me as I won’t use it.

Most people seemed to have gotten a Wayne Goss brush of some sort. The particular brush varies. I got #3, which I didn’t own already so that was good. It’s a large crease brush. I like this brush and will be testing it out. Retail is $32. 

The last item was an Ellis Faas Milky Lips in L208. I can’t find this particular color on the website anymore, so I’m guessing it’s discontinued. It seems not my color, based on online swatches it’s a creamy pale peachy nude which I have a hard time pulling off. L207 or the nude pink would have been better, more suitable for all skin tones. Retail is $35. This was not my color but was appropriate for a natural bag. 

Overall, the value was there at $190. I don’t feel two items fit the natural bag idea. There was only two items I liked a lot, the toner and brush, which was $64 of the bag. For me it was a bust, I probably wouldn’t buy it next year. Last years seemed so much better in general. I was also hoping they would give out one Charlotte Tilbury item per bag as it was their big launch of the year. I saw a few people did get something from Charlotte Tilbury, one bag was awesome. Sadly, this felt like an overstock bag, like stuff they were trying to get rid of versus the year before which seemed a better curated bag. This always seems to happen to stuff like this, like subscription boxes. They are good when they’re new and no one knows about them, once they get popular the bags or boxes become a place to get rid of your overstock.

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