Best of 2017

It’s that time of year to sit around and reflect about the year. I first and foremost feel grateful for every bit of this year. Even though the last two years have been very tough personally with the loss of my dad less than two years ago, among other personal tragedies–yet there’s always a beacon of light in my Ella which makes all the other stuff worth it. Sounds so cliche but it’s true. I’m sitting up on Christmas Eve writing this because I’m too excited to see her face tomorrow to go to bed as it’ll be that first real Christmas for her.

We had South Texas Snow a few weeks ago in the same year as Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey was the most nerve wracking week I think I’ve ever had. My baby turned two this year and has turned into a beautiful full spirited little person.

I feel like I branched out more personally. Doing more selfie style photos than ever before. I literally told my nephew five years ago that I would never ever do a selfie. Guess I lied & he laughed at me.

I discovered new brands like Allies of Skin which has become a favorite ever since. You can see one review HERE. More to come.

I finally splurged on some things like VOTARY London. I’ve been dying to try them and it was worth it. More to come here as well.

I tried a ton of new indie small brands like Jordan Samuel Skin & I’m so glad I did. Review HERE and more to come on some other items by Jordan Samuel.

I finally looked into Biologique Recherche and splurged on the Lotion P50 with the PIGM 400 version as my favorite. See my review of Lotion P50 HERE. This brand will be explored more in 2018 as a goal.

One of my longtime favorite British skincare brands OSKIA released a new Citylife range which I love. I’ve been so excited as they haven’t launched anything new in a while. More coming soon.

Tom Ford finally released more lipsticks in shades I love with Lips & Girls. I adored this release. Nudes and unique nude shades. Why can’t they be permanent? Review and swatches HERE.

The Chanel Ombre Premiere Cream Shadows are amazing. No crease, long wear. Silver Pink & Memory have been staples this year. Review HERE.

SUQQU’s Liquid Eyebrow Pen in Camel is perfect for detail and filling in any sparse areas while remaining completely natural looking. Best brow product I’ve tried in a while. Review HERE.

My best makeup of 2017 find is the Rituel de Fille Rare Light Luminizer. This cream style highlighter has an amazing formula. The creamy formula isn’t too hard nor too soft so it manages to last all day. The shades are ridiculously gorgeous and multi-dimensional. I use these constantly and have even forgotten about some of my previously loved for years highlighters as a consequence. These are that good. Review and swatches HERE, HERE and HERE.

My favorite skincare discovery for 2017 was the Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask. Hyaluronic acid, alphahydroxy acid and watermelon. Yes please. I’ve never liked sleeping masks until I tried this one. It gives you perfectly hydrating glowing skin overnight. It’s never irritating and plays well with every moisturizer I’ve layered it on top of. Review HERE.


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