Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask Champage

I bought the original Bite Agave Lip Mask when it first came out. I liked it, it was moisturizing, and had a great sweet taste. I hated the metal tube like many others. It cracked and oozed out of multiple places. When I heard Bite revamped their Agave Lip Mask and made a pink shimmery champagne shade, I had to try it. The tube is now plastic and no oozing out the sides! Bite Beauty’s claim to fame is each Bite lipstick is infused with the age-fighting antioxidant resveratrol—the equivalent of five glasses of wine.

The texture is thick, it has a sweet taste like the original. It’s long lasting.The color goes on a sheer pink with gold shimmer. Besides color, this new Champagne shade has pharma grade lanolin, shea butter and the formula is a touch different than the original. The original has medical grade lanolin and no shea butter plus the other small differences. I’m not sure what the big difference is between the pharma and medical grade lanolin. But I do know the original lip mask made my lips numb, this new champagne shade does not. So I would call it an improvement. I prefer this new one over the original.

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