Blog Post #500: Brush Washing & Drying

So I thought for post #500 I’d go back to a post I did in the very beginning about brush washing. Read it here. It’s odd and amazing to think about two years of posting and 500 posts. I really enjoy getting on here and sharing thoughts and swatches with you guys. Thanks for reading!

I hope I get better every year at this for you. I look at some of my old posts and want to redo them so bad, but then you’d be changing the past so might as well leave it and keep going forward. Plus, I really would rather do new stuff than edit old posts.

So in the above picture you can see such a basic way to wash your brushes. Wash with mild soap and water, I use baby shampoo. Dry upside down on your bathroom towel bar using hair bands. Quite easy and cheap.

Below you can see another way to dry your brushes after you wash them. A Benjabelle Tree. I got mine off Beautylish. This works for doing a small amount of brushes. When I have to wash all of my brushes or a large number I use the Benjabelle Tree and the bathroom towel bar.

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