Body Oils Comparison: Omorovicza, Tata Harper, OSEA Malibu & Nuxe

I love a lightweight fast absorbing body lotion. I hate that greasy feel of a body cream or balm then trying to put my clothes on. Recently, I decided to try this Capri Clear coconut oil spray when I needed an extra item in my Ulta bag to get free shipping. I’m obsessed with coconuts and decided why not. After using this I realized that even though it feels greasy for about 5 minutes, it did fully sink in after 15 minutes. It made my skin soft, did well moisturizing and it gave this nice after a shower feel overall. This then started me into a venture of body oils after a shower.

Next I got the Omorovicza Blissful Frankincense oil in a gift set. This is scented and thicker than the Capri Clear which is thin and barely scented. Next up I tried Tata Harper’s Revitalizing Body Oil which is still one of my favorites of all of them pictured. It’s thicker, more moisturizing and has a fabulous scent. I love Tata’s basic philosophy about skincare which I will talk about one day in a post with her stuff. OSEA Malibu was my next venture, I got the small version of the Undaria Algae Oil. This has an almost citrus smell and is thick like the Tata Harper oil. Last, I tried the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse which has this amazing beachy perfume smell. Which was the main reason I tried it. The Nuxe is also a dry oil.

To compare, The lightest/least moisturizing to heaviest/most moisturizing oils are: Capri Clear, Nuxe, Omorovicza, OSEA Malibu, Tata Harper. The lightest to heaviest scents are: Capri Clear, Omorovicza, OSEA Malibu, Tata Harper, Nuxe. The cheapest to most expensive are: Capri Clear, OSEA Malibu, Nuxe, Tata Harper, Omorovicza.

Style wise I like the pumps best, followed by the sprays, then the open bottle top last. The pumps make the least mess. The sprays while nice leave a mess on the bathroom floor. The open bottle style of the Omorovicza spills easy out of my hands and can make a mess on the floor. I think the three I will continue to buy will be Tata Harper, Nuxe and OSEA Malibu. The other two are nice but I prefer the Tata Harper and OSEA Malibu for their more moisturizing properties. I really only like Nuxe for the scent. I mean to try it’s new perfume based on this oil one day. If I had to only pick one it would be Tata Harper, however being one of the most expensive, the OSEA Malibu is a formidable opponent and if it was down to cost and overall best oil OSEA wins. OSEA Malibu has some other great items as well that I will get to one day.

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