Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion Spray Review

I love salt and hair texture sprays. When I saw Bumble and Bumble came out with a new Surf Infusion salt spray I jumped on trying it. I’ve owned the original Surf Spray which is what got me into salt sprays, but it was so drying I moved onto other brands that put oils in the salt sprays for some moisture. I’ve talked about some of the ones I’ve tried here and here.

Surf Infusion is a salt spray infused with tropical oils. The oils make hair feel softer and add a sheen. This Surf Infusion is different from the original Surf Spray in the addition of a few ingredients: the oils, coconut fruit extract and sea salts. These make a vast improvement on the product for me. The original is way to drying for me, this one adds some moisture with the oils. However, this spray can be overdone versus the original. I did 7 sprays for my whole head(my hair is on the long end of shoulder length) and it was perfect, the next day I tried 10 sprays it was too much, too dirty and greasy. No stiffness though. With the proper amount applied the effect was great, love it.

It is a plastic 100ml bottle and retails for $29. The main ingredients are: water, magnesium sulfate(salt), kelp extract, several algae extracts, seaweed extract, coconut fruit extract, Dead Sea salts, sea salt, passion fruit oil, coconut oil, mango seed oil and palm oil. You can see it separates into a white oily top a blue clear base, so shake well before applying.

After shaking it up:

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