Burberry Wet & Dry Silk Eyeshadow: Porcelain & Chestnut Brown: Swatches

I already reviewed the Burberry Silk Eyeshadow formula here. I decided to grab two more shades Porcelain and Chestnut Brown. These both have the same texture as the previous ones I reviewed, silky, smooth and really blendable. These are very basic shades, dupeable and not necessary. They have a nice texture and subtle shimmer so if that’s something you’re looking for you might check them out.

Chestnut Brown #301 is a cool dark brown with refined shimmer:

Porcelain #100 is a light neutral beige with refined shimmer:

Top to Bottom: Chestnut Brown, Porcelain:

Compared with: L top to Bottom: Surratt Idealiste, Surratt Soie, Surratt Chamois. Middle: Burberry Porcelain. R: Charlotte Tilbury The Sophisticate Top L:

Compared with: L Top to Bottom: Surratt Brun Noir, Addiction Singata. Middle: Burberry Chestnut Brown. R: Edward Bess Mystery:

L to R: Surratt Idealiste(darker, warmer, more peachy pink and shimmery), Surratt Soie(darker, warmer, more peach and shimmery), Surratt Chamois(matte, warmer, more yellow), Charlotte Tilbury The Sophisticate Top L(matte, touch darker), Burberry Porcelain(I imagine this is really close to MAC Shroom which I don’t have anymore), Burberry Chestnut Brown, Edward Bess Mystery(warmer), Addiction Singata(lighter, more purple/taupe tones), Surratt Brun Noir(matte, darker):

Sunlight, Same Order as Above:

Inside, Same Order as Above:

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