By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Nude Hydra-Balm: Innocent Kiss & Sheer Glow:Review & Swatches

I have two of these new Hyaluronic Sheer Nude Hydra-Balm Lipsticks to talk about. Innocent Kiss #2 and Sheer Glow #4. I was curious about #3 and 5, but didn’t want to spend that much until I could test them and see if I even liked them. I’ve tried the Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge in Dare to Bare a few years ago, it just wasn’t my shade, so I had some idea what these would be like even though they have different formulas.

These are what I expected, a glossy baume like tinted lipstick. These do have some UV protection in the form of chemical filters Octinoxate and Avobenzone. They are sheer, glossy and moisturizing. They do not last long as most formulas like this don’t. They retail for $36 for 3g of product, they are a high end pricey baume lipstick. They have the rose scent as I would expect from By Terry. These aren’t really thick baume like lipsticks, they’re thinner. The texture also varied slightly based on the shade.

Sheer Glow or #4 is a sheer glossy peachy nude with no shimmer. This one is thinner a touch and glossier than Innocent Kiss.

Innocent Kiss is a pale shimmery peachy color with a touch of pink. This shimmer is very fine and not gritty, it looks mostly like white shimmer though there might be a touch of pink shimmer. It looks more pale shimmery peach on the lips, it pulls more pink in sunlight or when swatched. Innocent Kiss is a bit less glossy, thicker and more opaque than Sheer Glow. It also can settle in the lip lines some if you apply a lot, and by adding on layers throughout the day. I noticed this the most at the end of the day.

Top to Bottom: Innocent Kiss, Sheer Glow:

By Terry is a luxury line. The Hyaluronic Sheer Nude Hydra-Balm claims “a pure concentrate of hyaluronic acid, this melt-in tinted balm moisturizes, fills in wrinkles and fine lines, boosts volume, smoothes, protects and enhances the lips in ‘plumping glossy’ neo-nude tones.” I would agree with moisturizes, smoothes, protects and enhances the lips part. Wearing this on my lips I did not notice any plumping at all. It was a good moisturizing glossy baume lipstick.

I went through the ingredient list, and I’ll list it in order of most prevalent to least prevalent, leaving out the buffering and binding agents: pentaerythrityl tetraisostearate(synthetic lipid based ingredient for skin conditioning), isostearyl isostearate & diisostearyl malate(skin conditioning emollients), a fatty alcohol, Octinoxate(sunscreen), polyethylene(a plastic that binds), candelilla wax, Avobenzone(sunscreen), micro crystalline wax(derived from petroleum), ozokerite(wax from mineral or petroleum), silica, ethylhexyl palmitate(palm oil derivative fatty acid, slip agent), fragrance, aroma/flavor, phenoxyethanol(preservative), vitamin E acetate, fragrance, lecithin(natural fatty acid), silica dimethyl silylate(silica derivative), citronellol and geraniol(fragrance), caprylyl glycol(natural fatty acid), vitamin E, Vitamin C, sodium hyaluronate and then the +/- titanium dioxide/mica/dyes for color in some shades but not all.

Sadly, sodium hyaluronate, the star ingredient, is second to last in the ingredient list, only the pH adjuster citric acid is after it. Even the first sheer rouge formula had the sodium hyaluronate higher up in the ingredients list. Were they worth the price? They’re a nice moisturizing sheer formula, the colors are OK, not my personal favorite shades. I prefer Fresh tinted balms, Tom Ford Lip Shines, and Sisley’s shine lipsticks for my tastes. So unless they came up with a really awesome nude shade that I absolutely had to have, then no I wouldn’t buy another.

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