By Terry Preciosity Flash Light Elixir

I grabbed a both highlighters from By Terry’s Preciosity holiday collection. I will say I opened the powder version and while the inside was absolutely stunning with it’s pattern, I could not like the case at all. It was so cheap. It was a hollow lightweight plastic that squeaked and had a paper label on the top. Not a silk screen print as would be expected. A paper label which if it got wet at all would fall apart. Not what I expect for a luxury brand, it was odd for By Terry as her packaging is normally good. So I returned it unused, which is why I don’t have pictures, I couldn’t justify the price with such terrible packaging.

Now onto the By Terry Preciosity Light Elixir which comes in a small slim matte metallic dropper style bottle with the design printed on–Yay! Details per By Terry:

Achieve the ultimate festive glow with this dazzling serum for winter. The highlighting elixir serum releases your complexion’s natural glow, immersing the skin in a smoothing “D-Flawless” halo of light. Highly concentrated in multi-reflecting “D-Light” mineral pigments and premium ultra-perfecting prisms, the product’s luxurious formula blends into all skin tones without caking or leaving an oily residue, resulting in a beautifully radiant complexion. 

Formula Highly concentrated in multi-reflecting “D-Light” mineral pigments and premium ultra-perfecting prisms.

Application Tips 

– Just one to two drops provide an instantly luminous natural result. A few more drops create a fresh, festive, ultra-radiant complexion.
– Apply it as a corrective base on its own or mixed with a foundation, or as a top coat on facial features (forehead, nose, chin, cheekbones, eyebrow arch).
-Effortlessly blends with fingertips, a brush or a sponge. Shake well before use.

This is fluid highlighter. It has the signature stronger By Terry rose scent.  I want to love By Terry but it’s always very heavily fragranced like roses. I have a hard time with it. Luckily this isn’t skincare it’s a highlighter so it’s tolerable. The package is a small (15ml) slim frosted metallic bottle with a dropper style dispenser. A dropper is never my favorite packaging I always prefer a pump like the Cellularose CC Serums.

The highlighter has a dry oil texture almost. It dries down and sets and doesn’t stay wet. It has a slip to it that feels more like a dry oil than a slippery serum style liquid highlighter. This is a pigmented liquid highlighter. You only need a touch so start light and build up. This is very buildable. The shade is a shimmering white base with pink an gold pearls. No glitter here, just adult appropriate intense pearly shimmer. This formula blends in with ease, if you start light it looks very natural. You can make it very intense as well if you build it up. This lasts all day I had no longevity issues. You can either mix some in foundation for an all over radiance or apply to specific regions of your face for targeted shimmer.

Top to Bottom–By Terry Preciosity Sheer than Heavy, Topshop Polished Glow, Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lightwand, Cover FX Blossom:

This was a nice high quality liquid highlighter. The texture and luminosity are perfect for the holidays and well done. It’s a little pricey you get a smaller 15ml bottle for $68. The packaging, while much better than the pressed version, does have a few flaws. The dropper itself comes loose from the cap, I find myself having to push it back in now and then. Now that I’ve had this for about 4 weeks or so I’ve noticed the cap and top neck of the bottle is building up dried product very quickly. You always expect a little. The fifth or sixth time I opened this a bunch of dried product actually fell onto my bathroom counter and the rim was well built up with a powdery dry crust. Not ideal for the price, this should have come in a pump or a better bottle. The By Terry holiday collection has stunning high quality products inside of bad packaging.

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