Chanel Atmosphere Nail Polish Review & Swatches

Chanel Atmosphere was from last Fall. Chanel makes very unique and pretty nail polishes, some even achieve cult status. They can be hit or miss for me, I love the unique ones, the regular cream shades not so much as I most likely already have something similar. The formula is usually very good, it dries fast and with the right base and top coat doesn’t chip for 1-2 weeks depending. I get one week on fingers, two weeks on toes with Orly Rubberized Base Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat. It’s a pricey nail polish for sure which is why unless it’s unique I stick to OPI or another cheaper nail polish for those cream or dupeable colors.

Atmosphere looks like a shimmery pink pearl in a gray base in the bottle. On nails it does change colors depending on how you view it in the light. I tried to capture all of the angles and changes. In normal indoor light and straight on it’s a pink pearl in a gray base.

The pink pearl intensifies in more direct sunlight:

In the most direct sunlight, the pearl begins to look more red. As you tilt the nail it turns to a gold. So the red pearl turns into gold pearl and at one point looks almost like a peach pearl. It changes from a cool opal grey pink to almost a fire opal color.

I shot this in the extended stay hotel which, was a dark dungeon hole, and then looks like I forgot to publish this. So here it is.

Update 3/14: I added a few new pics with lighting in the new house to replace some of the darker hotel ones.

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