Chanel Camelia de Plumes Highlighter vs Dentelle Precieuse, MAC MSF Lightscapade, Pleasureflush & Surratt

Chanel Camelia de Plumes is the Holiday 2014 highlighter. After the greatness of the Dentelle Precieuse I thought I would try it. I thought it would be silver from older initial blog descriptions. But, it’s actually a light silver with gold mix. It’s neither warm nor cool. It’s finely milled, not glittery or chunky. The pattern is so lovely, it’s an intricate flower/plant pattern that’s hard to want to mess up by using, but I did.

Dentelle Precieuse is a pink/beige/bronze. It’s just enough to give a slight highlight to my NC 25-27 medium/light skin, but yet it’s in no way too light. It’s subtle and different from my normal highlighter. No glitter, just subtle glow. Again, with the loveliest lace pattern that’s hard to mess up.
L to R: Camelia de Plumes, Dentelle Precieuse

I compared them to my Surratt Aureole. Surratt is a more powdery formula. It’s an off white with gold shimmer. A champagne shimmer more or less, it’s not glittery and can be sheered out. This does have a off white base. It’s in the top L compact below. I also have two MAC Mineralized Skin Finishes(MSF) in Pleasureflush and Lightscapade. Pleasureflush is on the top R, Lightscapade on the bottom.

MAC Lightscapade has been my number one staple highlighter since it came out years ago, I went through one already from the first release, and am on my second from the second time it was released. It’s a pale luminous color that isn’t one color necessarily, as it has many colors mixed together. It’s a pale beige color mostly. It’s not too white, too glittery or shimmery. It’s finely milled and has a great texture. A candlelit glow is appropriate. I have heard that many feel Lightscapade is too glitter bomb style and my only guess is that when they re-released it the third and fourth time or so(there might have been a fifth too I lost count) they made it more glittery like the other MSF’s. Because the one I own is not glittery at all, it’s a finely milled glow. Pleasureflush was one of the original MAC MSF’s and I bought it in a store. I don’t use it anymore or at all that often, but I keep it around based on it’s rarity, I can’t help myself. It’s a shimmery pink glow. This has more shimmer than Lightscapade, but less than some other newer styles of MSF’s.

L to R: Surrat Aureole, MAC Lightscapade, MAC Pleasureflush, Chanel Dentelle Precieuse, Chanel Camelia de Plumes

I don’t have a favorite as they all have their uses, but I have used MAC Lightscapade the longest and most. The Surratt is the most gold, Lightscapade a natural beige glow, Pleasureflush the only pink. The Chanel are the most shimmery/metallic, however Dentelle Precieuse is the more natural of the two, with Chanel Camelia de Plumes as the lightest and brightest of the whole bunch.

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