Chanel Joues Contraste Caprice & Rose Bronze: Review & Swatches

I used to have more of these, but I have two currently to swatch & review. Rose Bronze #02 is a US version and very silky. It’s a shimmery bronzed rose. The shimmer is not too much on cheeks. It’s layerable. US versions have a brown hair brush that comes with it and it is 0.21 oz. All the Joues Contrastes have a strong rose smell to me. It was one of the reasons I did get rid of some of the others I had. Caprice #96 is a Euro version which usually are baked and tend to be drier. Caprice is one exception to this rule, it’s pigmented, silky and easy to apply. It’s also discontinued. It’s a shimmery rose and has the traditional rose scent. It has a black hair brush and is 0.14oz. The shimmer in this one is not too much either on cheeks.


Rose Bronze:

Top Rose Bronze, Bottom Caprice:

L Caprice, R Rose Bronze:

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