Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick Michele: Review & Swatches

I saw Chanel recently release four new shades of Rouge Coco Lipstick for Spring. One of the shades was called Michele, and being a Michelle, I had to grab it. I talked about Chanel’s new Rouge Coco reformulation here. I love Chanel, and Plumetis Rouge Coco is my favorite lipstick-pretty much of all time. I loved the old formula. I will say I’m not a huge fan of the new formula, while being lightweight it’s not as moisturizing. The colors just haven’t spoke to me either and they didn’t bring back Plumetis in the new reformulation. So I will use my three Plumetis backups then cry.

Onto Michele. It’s a creamy bright medium browned coral red with medium opacity. No shimmer. It’s not fully opaque but does allow some natural lip color to peek through. Michele is pigmented enough and not just a lip tint. It’s comfortable to wear, slightly glossy in sheen and lasts average for a creamy moisturizing lipstick, it’s not long wearing.

Top to Bottom: Tom Ford Nubile, Surratt Bandy, Chanel Michele, Tata Harper Very Popular, Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson Colour of Youth:

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