Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon Blush: Review & Swatches

Chanel is a brand I go to time and time again. They’re classic and have great limited edition items or what used to be their ‘star of the collection.’ The Sunkiss Ribbon Blush is the star of the collection, limited edition item from Spring’s 2016 collection.

Per Chanel’s website: “In an interlaced-ribbon design, this exclusive creation brightens cheeks with a radiant palette of pink, beige and coral, and leaves a smooth, satin finish.” The retail is $70 for a 0.38 oz product. This comes in the standard Chanel black case with black velvet pouch.


The compact is the size of a Joues Contraste Blush. A Joues Contraste Blush is 0.21 oz so this one is definitely bigger and has more product. The Sunkiss Ribbon Blush does have a very strong powdery smell, just like the Joues Contraste Blush. It’s too strong for me, and one of the reasons I’m not a huge collector of Joues Contraste blushes. I love my Rose Bronze and Caprice shades, but hate the smell. I love that Chanel does not put that powdery perfume smell in most their powders, their highlighters seem to be fine for me. So that’s the disappointing thing about this blush. Now onto what’s not disappointing about it. It’s very finely milled, pigmented, silky and not powdery. The pink and bronze shades have shimmer which make this an overall satin effect blush, not too much shimmer nor is it matte. It is very pigmented and bright, so use a light hand and apply lighter layers to build color. I wasn’t thinking and put on way too much first swipe and looked like a clown the first time.

On the top is a bright orange. Below is a shimmery rose pink. On the bottom left you have a bright fushia. To the right is a shimmery light bronze. And last on the right bottom is a bright rouge color. Together they mix to make a lightly shimmery bright pink coral. The mixed color does seem to change a bit depending on which light you view it in. It’s warmer feeling in sunlight, cooler inside. Overall, it is warmer versus cooler. The colors are too small to be able to use separately. You could use a small eyeshadow brush to play with them if you wanted maybe eyeshadows. However, you can sweep your blush brush more at one end or another to vary the shade a touch. I swirled all of them equally like I would with a blush brush to get the mixed swatch shade. The bronze and pink shades were the best texture and quality, they were a bit softer. The other three bright more matte colors were drier, and I had to swatch them 4 times or so to get that color swatch versus once with the bronze and pink. With my brush I didn’t seem to feel like there was the same issue with not being able to pick the pigment up, it was worse swatching with a finger than applying with a brush.

The blush lasts a long time before fading and is a great spring color. If you like pink corals, spring colors and Chanel’s quality then you might check it out. It is limited edition. I had two blush shades slightly similar, Surratt’s Ponceau and Makeup Revolution’s Matte Blush in Fusion. Surratt’s Ponceau is brighter, more coral and less pink. It’s not shimmery, and not $70. Makeup Revolution is a drugstore brand I recently grabbed a few blushes from and they are remarkably great for drugstore. I’ll have to post on them one day. Fusion is matte and a more toned down pink. It’s bright and actually looks slightly similar on, but is less coral and bright pink, more of a warm pink slightly earthy or browned pink.

Swatches Top to Bottom: All Mixed Together, Top Orange, Middle Pink, Bottom Middle Bronze, Bottom Right Rouge, Bottom Left Fushia:


Compared with L to R: Makeup Revolution Matte Blush Fusion, Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon, Surratt Ponceau:

Top to Bottom: Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon All Mixed Together, Makeup Revolution Matte Blush Fusion, Surratt Ponceau:


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