Chanel Sweet Star Nail Polish: Swatches & Review

This is one of the newest Chanel nail polishes. It originally came out for Fashion Night Out but now it’s on Chanel’s website for purchase. Chanel nail polishes are expensive, they have a cult following because the colors are amazing. One of my first department store purchases was a Chanel nail polish in Ciel de Nuit. That started me into Chanel nail colors. In general they dry fast, however they only last an average time on me before they start to chip. The colors are phenomenal, though OPI and other polishes do last longer on me without chipping. I do use the Orly Bonder Base Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat which helps it last longer, but it’s still less than OPI.

Sweet Star is very complex in the bottle and it’s hard to photograph. In the bottle it looks like a shimmery slightly warm steel grey with a green shimmer and it shifts to a purple tint in the light. On my nails it looks just a like a basic shimmery warm grey, the green only comes out in the light, and the purple shift is hard to notice on the nails. It is only shimmer there is no glitter. Chanel is kind of the master in making polishes that are complex in the bottle yet on the nails the fine details are not noticeable unless you are in direct sunlight.

Here’s some swatches on my nails and on a piece of tape. I did both. I don’t paint my fingernails right now only my toes, so sorry for the pictures of my toes, but it lets you see it on a nail.

On toes in bright sunlight then regular light:

This is in comparison to OPI Peace & Love & OPI on the left, Chanel Sweet Star in the middle, and Chanel Graphite on the right:

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