Chanel Troublante #675 Nail Polish: Review & Swatches

I love Chanel’s Nail Polish, they have some great unique colors. I haven’t bought one in a while, as none have interested me recently, until Troublante came out for the Holidays. I haven’t even painted my nails since February actually, toes or fingers. I was just done with the idea of painting my nails during pregnancy. Troublante came out and is the first shade to end up on my toes in 9 months.

Troublante is gorgeous. It’s a fine shimmer metallic similar to Peridot. Same style shift as well in color, just different colors. Troublante is a metallic warm red that shifts bronze. It’s much more stunning in person. It photographs cooler almost purple tinted in the inside light, but it’s a warm red. In the sunlight it looks like Troublante actually has a sheer black base that the shimmer is in. It’s only seen in the bright sunlight and more so on the tape swatch.

It’s a stunning red shade that I don’t have anything similar to. Malice is cooler and darker, as well as less metallic. Troublante has the usual Chanel wear, it’s not as good as say OPI, but the stunning colors make up for that flaw.


The shift in color:

Swatches on tape, Inside:

Sunlight, shows the shimmer:

Sunlight, shows the sheer black base:

Compared with Malice:

Top Malice, Bottom Troublante:

Sorry for the toe swatches, I always feel weird posting that instead of fingers but I don’t really paint my fingers right now (plus my paint job was rushed and not great). Different lighting to show the shift in color:

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