Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Luxury Palette: Review & Swatches

Charlotte Tilbury came out with a new Supermodel Holiday look to add to her collection of looks. However, the three new items are all limited edition. It is available online in the US starting today. The Fallen Angel Luxury Eye Palette has stars on the outer case and imprinted on the eyeshadows.

The Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Eyeshadow Palette Fallen Angel Palette is different in several ways from the regular permanent eye palettes. This is the first wet and dry palette, the texture and formula are completely different. It’s smoother and very finely milled. The product amount is less, the Fallen Angel Palette is 2.8g while the regular palettes are 5.2g. It’s almost half. The size of the pans and case are the same. The retail is $65 versus the regular $52. I bought mine off Selfridges which usually comes out to be around the same price.

The colors are shimmery and silky smooth, they glide on effortlessly. They have a luminous quality to them. They are smooth and not uneven. Dry, they apply fairly light, they need to be built up. It gives a great smokey eye that you can dial up or down, day or night based on what you like. If you want dark and really pigmented, you might need to apply wet. I like that it can be built up as so many dark shades go on too dark too quickly for me. Charlotte has the same Prime, Enhance, Smoke, Pop system in this quad. The texture and size difference is the main two differences besides being a new set of shades. I only swatched them dry, I don’t use my eyeshadows wet. Plus, sometimes I’m afraid if I wet them they won’t be the same again, so I did not swatch them wet for you.

I have a feeling that people who did not like Charlotte’s previous quads for their texture will LOVE this one. I would love to see this formula in future palettes. Anything is an improvement over the glitter pop shades in most of them. I would also love to see the Sophisticate palette in this new formula. 

The shades are a shimmery peachy champagne which almost has a slight touch of pink to it. It was hardest to capture this shade in the photos. There is a shimmery warm medium gray that is my favorite. The pop shade is a shimmery neutral to cool bronze. The smoke shade is a off black, it’s not pitch black, but it’s not gray at all. It has a touch of shimmer in it, it’s not matte, but it is far less shimmery than the rest of the quad, it’s like a satin. These are nice as they can be applied sheerer or heavy.

I compared it to Charlotte’s The Golden Goddess which is the most similar in color that I have. A review of the regular eye palettes are here. Left is the Fallen Angel palette, right Golden Goddess.

Top to Bottom: Fallen Angel, Golden Goddess. You can see the bronze in the Fallen Angel is more neutral to cool, and a bit darker. The grays in both palettes are fairly similar. The light shade in Fallen Angel is pinker, Golden Goddess is more golden. The last two shades of each palette are nothing alike.

I tried to get good pics today of me wearing it, the light is so terrible in the house, my husband was no good at helping me either, and they’re not great but maybe they give you an idea of luminosity and sheen. I’m also new to the taking pictures of myself so I get goofy looks trying to take pictures of myself 🙂

The whole Supermodel look:

I should add that the texture and luminosity of Fallen Angel is like the Tom Ford Nude Dip quad except it’s finer milled and smoother. I prefer the Fallen Angel texture to Nude Dip. Fallen Angel is also a bit more glowy and less frosty looking than Nude Dip is. It is kind of what I wanted Nude Dip to be. I also was thinking Fallen Angel is kind of like Nude Dip and Cle de Peau’s Satin Moon had a baby. You have the luminosity of Nude Dip, yet more pigment like Satin Moon.

So I swatched them today to show Fallen Angel and Satin Moon. Top is Fallen Angel, bottom Cle de Peau’s Satin Moon:


  1. Ok, I just pulled the trigger on this. I have Nude Dip and Satin Moon, and you comparing this to those two justifies my purchase!

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