Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Mascara Review

I have my first negative Charlotte Tilbury review. It is for her mascara. It’s supposed to do it all, lengthen, fatten, define, curl.

I like the brush shape, it’s the formula I don’t like. It clumps too much and too easily. It makes spider lashes and I had to work very very hard with my fingers, and the lash fan brush I use to make it look just OK, not great, just OK. The first few times I used it was OK, if you scraped all the excess off then used it, I had less clumping. But the longer I used it the worse the clumping got. The formula seems to dry out fast. That’s what makes it hard to work with. A second layer makes it even worse, you almost have to get it in one pass well or forget it. The second coat was spider ville. It was way too much work for the effect, I have many others I like much better. It wasn’t impressive.

I tried to take pics of it on, but it was hard to capture it:

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