Charlotte Tilbury KISSING Lipstick: Review & Swatches

With the exception of Nude Kate I bought all these off the UK website over the last 6 months. I’ve been able to wear a few colors for some time. Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick is not drying which I love. It’s pretty pigmented, not the top of the list but it’s up there. They’re creamy. They last maybe two hours before some fading starts. Though in honesty no lipstick lasts a very long time on me unless it’s a super matte as I’m always drinking something and rubbing it off. I really love them they are one of my favorite Charlotte Tilbury things. I am dying to try the new Matte Revolution ones. I have 6 KISSING lipsticks to review. Nude Kate, Penelope Pink, Hepburn Honey, Bitch Perfect, Stoned Rose and So Marilyn. Coachella Coral is next on the wish list as well as a holiday color Confession I saw on another blog. They come in a nice metal rose gold case with logo on the top of the case.

I split these into groups of 3. L to R: Nude Kate, Penelope Pink & Hepburn Honey. Nude Kate is a light nude with a touch of gold shimmer but looks like a cream on, it doesn’t show shimmer on the lips. I tested this for the first time tonight, it is like a concealer color or light nude. After 5 minutes I noticed it did darken a tad on the lips, but still a concealer colored nude. Not pink nude. It borderlines on washing me out. Not sure if this one is for me, I prefer Penelope Pink which is one of my favorites. Penelope Pink is a pink nude that doesn’t wash me out, it has no shimmer. Hepburn Honey is a honey nude, with no shimmer. It’s a color I’m not fond of for me, it has no pink in it which I prefer. But if you love a true deeper nude honey with no pink, go for it. They look very similar in the photos but the swatches start to show the differences. The lightest is Nude Kate, followed by Penelope Pink then Hepburn Honey.

Next is L to R: Bitch Perfect, Stoned Rose and So Marilyn. Bitch Perfect is a pink. It’s hard for me to describe. It’s a neutral pink that’s darker than a nude. It’s in the pink family but has the slightest touch of coral and nude. It has the most shimmer of all the lipsticks which is still not much compared to a regular shimmer lipstick. On the lips it looks like a creme still. Stoned Rose is another of my favorites. It’s darker than a your lip but better color, a neutral rose with no shimmer. It’s medium but not a dark shade. If you have pigmented lips it might be your lip but better. So Marilyn is a cream deeper neutral red. I don’t find it blue based nor orange based. No shimmer I see.

I compared Bitch Perfect on the L to Penelope Pink on the R for pinks:

Swatches: Top row same L to R Nude Kate, Penelope Pink, Hepburn Honey. Second row L to R So Marilyn, Bitch Perfect, Stoned Rose:

Top to Bottom: Nude Kate, Penelope Pink, Hepburn Honey, Bitch Perfect, Stoned Rose, So Marilyn:
Now after scrubbing quite good with a wipe you can see it stains a little:

Overall impression, creamy, pigmented, not sheer, moisturizing, good staying power, thicker. The texture in not a buttery, slippery kind of texture, it’s not waxy either. It’s like it has an oil in it making it almost sticky. Not in a lipgloss or bad sense of sticky, just the oil makes it not slippery. The oil is also what makes it comfortable to wear. 


  1. Hi, not sure if this is posting twice. How does Hepburn Honey compare to Super Cindy please? I like you swatches in the daylight; really helpful. Thanks so much, Jo

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