Charlotte Tilbury Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Lip Lustre: Review & Swatches

Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds is the newest Lip Lustre from Charlotte Tilbury. It’s part of the Supermodel Holiday look. It is limited edition and $22. See me review of the formula here.

The color is described by Charlotte as a rose champagne with gold shimmer. I see it more as a shimmery peachy champagne with gold micro glitter. It’s not fully opaque, yet not sheer. It’s medium in coverage. It lets some color from your lips peek through but not all of it. It’s a very shimmery gloss yet not super glittery or gritty. It does have lots of gold micro glitter in it. It does have a slight milky peach nude base with the shimmer and micro glitter in it. It’s not a color I would normally buy, but the limited edition got me as usual. Layered over the Confession lipstick from this collection, it lightens, adds gloss and shimmer to the lipstick. It adds a peachy tone too. I forgot to get a picture of the combo this way before the light died, maybe I’ll add it tomorrow.

I compared it to Blondie which was the closest I had. Blondie is on the top, Lucy on the bottom in all pics below. Blondie is sheerer on application which you can see in the swatches, pinker and has no micro glitter.

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