Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Final Thoughts

I have been testing this Magic Cream for the last week or more. You can see my post with my initial thoughts.

This cream is thick, and not quite as moisturizing as I like. It left my cheeks dry. It was thick, but the moisture was not there. Lets just say it didn’t measure up to my favorite creams as a face cream. It sometimes pilled on top of my serums as well, depending on what was used. This didn’t happen with different moisturizers over the same serums.

I didn’t use it long enough to notice any skincare benefits that it may have. It did not break me out, cause any weird reactions or leave me really greasy. It did feel smooth after application and usually absorbed mostly in about 15 minutes. This would probably be too much for oily skin, and combo skin will depend on season and where you live. Dry skin this would be fine, you might need extra moisture on the cheeks. I just know after the week of testing it I didn’t want to reach for it anymore as I like my other creams better.

So I tried it as a primer for foundation to see what that was like. On half my face I tried it over a thin primer, the other half alone as a primer over regular skin after cleansing and moisturizing. I noticed no difference in how it made my foundation apply both ways.

As a cream alone, it was not enough to measure up to my regular favorites from Omorovicza, Su-Man and Zelens. I know that a $95 cream can’t compare to a $200 cream, but even my old favorite Renee Rouleau creams in the $95 price range are better as a skincare cream. I like the texture and moisture of those old favorites better. As a primer is made my foundation and total look dewy, for about 8 hours. As a primer, I could see in photo shoots where you want dewy glow etc, but as a regular person it was a bit too much.

Ingredient wise, it uses chemical sunscreens. It has some emulsifying agents, skin conditioning agents, natural alcohols, shea butter, non paraben preservatives, oat kernel extract, hydrolyzed viola tricolor extract(a flower), aloe, a vitamin E compound and vitamin E, camellia oleifera seed oil, rosa canina fruit oil, rose flower water, sunflower seed oil, michelia alba leaf oil(fragrance), Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 a peptide that’s a key ingredient in Matrixyl 3000, vitamin C compound and vitamin C, plumeria rubra flower extract, citric acid(exfoliation), nicotiana sylvestris leaf cell culture, fragrances: linalool, citronellol and geraniol. It does have Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Dimethicone which are all silicone based skin emollients. So overall, it’s free of the nasties alcohol(SD Alcohol 40, denatured alcohol), parabens and sulfates. I imagine a lot of people won’t like the silicone based ingredients as they can be pore clogging. But this makes it a good primer for makeup.

So, depends what you want from this cream. It was not for me. It may be for others.

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