Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream: First Impressions

So I finally got the supposedly impressive Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream 2 days ago. I figured this would be more of a day add a dewy glow under makeup more than a skincare miracle to begin with so those were my expectations.

I know in Charlotte’s line this is the only skin cream so I imagine they make it for day and night use. I personally have a pet peeve with skincare that has SPF in products deemed for day and night use as no one needs SPF at night. Honestly, I prefer my own SPF to add and I don’t need my skincare to add it as SPF 15 is so minuscule anyway why bother? And why would I use a cream with SPF to sleep in and possibly clog pores? Plus in order get SPF of 15 from a cosmetic item you have to apply such a large amount of it, so again why bother. Add your own SPF you like after your skincare if it’s a physical block or before if it’s a chemical block.

So why did I buy the Magic Cream knowing it had SPF? Curiosity mostly.┬áThe jar is 50mL or 1.7 fl oz. The packaging is nice and inventive if you’re into that. The box have two sleeves that slide off to reveal the inside wrap.

The jar is plastic which is disappointing for the price point. Glass would be more appealing. But honestly for me I would prefer a pump as for all my skincare I hate jars as they introduce air and degrade the ingredients faster. I’d rather have a tube or pump over a jar to save the integrity of my ingredients. But that’s just me. I thought the texture would be heavier and oilier, but it’s actually fairly light for a cream. It doesn’t have an oily residue for long and absorbs quickly enough. It smells like roses not quite as sickeningly sweet as By Terry products, but close enough.

To show you the ingredients:

And to show how thin it is on my hand in one swipe:

It is a rigid cream meaning it doesn’t fill in the gap when you remove some. It stays in place as it is in the jar. I only wore it yesterday morning. It was enough, but not too much. The rose smell wasn’t too irritating on. This is my week for breakouts so it’s a bad week to test skincare, so I will put it off until next week and report back after a good test. I also need to look up the ingredients on the EWG(Environmental Working Group) website to see what they have to say about the ingredients.

I have to say I wasn’t really impressed with the first pass. I also just got the Su-Man Face Cream the next day(yesterday) and first pass at that was impressive for me. So I imagine this will be a hype not a big must have product. But like all of us, we will order it to try it and see out of curiosity. I can’t imagine wearing this at night because of the SPF, but it’s almost too heavy for day in warm places/seasons. I could see it adding a dewy effect for makeup which is where I think this be the most popular.

Edit on Oct. 6th: I have been wearing this in the morning for three days now. This is not as thick and moisturizing as I thought it would be. It absorbs fairly quickly and after 5-10 minutes there’s only a slight sheen left. It almost isn’t enough moisture for my cheeks. I’m combo usually, but winter is coming here in Montana and it must be drying me out and pushing me towards normal with dry cheeks already. I remember it being a bit moister when I did that first pass two weeks ago. It doesn’t feel heavy at all and hasn’t given me a breakout yet. Another week or two and I’ll post more. I also want to try it not as my AM moisturizer but as a primer for foundation over another moisturizer to see what that’s like. I still feel this won’t be for a person with oily skin, but combo can get away with it I think except maybe in the summer or in high humidity.

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