Charlotte Tilbury Norman Parkinson Filmstar Bronze & Glow: Quick Overview

I got the Filmstar Bronze & Glow yesterday. This is a limited edition cream version of the powder for the summer Norman Parkinson launch. It has the same rose gold plastic packaging as the rest of the compacts with this photo under a glossy top. This is called Sun Tan & Sun Light. I will be testing it this week with different brushes etc before I review it, but like the other products this week wanted to give a quick overview in case it helps someone.

When I opened it I thought the bronzer looked darker than I thought it would be. It looks very contour like and after I read the Charlotte Tilbury description better I see that was the intention. It’s a medium dark neutral to cooler brown with some very slight yellow hints when you swatch it, no orange or red. The bronze pan is slightly bigger than the highlight pan. The highlight is a shimmery golden honey color. It’s not a champagne color, it’s more golden by a touch. The texture is nice, thin and not greasy. I’m glad this isn’t thick and sticky. The bronze shade feels powdery once rubbed in, the highlight stays a bit more emollient, but is still thin in texture.

I don’t have the powder version, I swatched it some time ago, from memory I would say this is a darker cooler brown and a slightly more golden highlight. The powder compact felt more bronzer like, this feels more contour. I’m sure those who love cream contours will love this and this will probably be the most popular and first sold out item in this limited collection.

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