Charlotte Tilbury Norman Parkinson Overview

So as always I couldn’t help myself and ordered the new Charlotte Tilbury Norman Parkinson Collection. The cream bronzer duo will be here Friday. I had no interest in the bags but I got everything else. Here’s a quick picture. I’ll be testing them for the next few days and such but wanted to give you an overview if you were thinking of buying since I may not have a review till next week.

The outside of the compacts have photos in them by Norman Parkinson. The case is the same rose gold metallic plastic, I’m sure many who feel the compacts are cheap anyway will feel the same about this collection because it’s not weighty. It’s lightweight. Personally, I’m not a packaging girl so I don’t care, I want what’s inside, though I do hate paying extra for any special collection packaging. 

On the left is the Dreamy Glow Highlighter which is a finely milled peachy gold highlighter. It’s so similar in color to the Moon Beach Beach Stick, it could be the powder version. It’s not glittery and gives a subtle glow, I like it more than the Beach Stick. The texture is great.

Next is the Colour of Youth Lip & Cheek Glow. This is a creamy pink coral, no shimmer. It’s thinner than the Film Star On the Go compacts, so it’s better for a cheek product than those are. It’s hydrating on the lips as well even if you just use it for that. It’s definitely an emollient formula, but improved from the Film Stars on the Go to be thinner and less sticky. This is more emollient than NARS Multiples or the Beach Sticks.

I love the Matte Revolution lipsticks. I talked about their formula here. Miss Kensington is definitely my favorite, it’s a creamy neutral to warm pink nude. It adds a touch of creamy pink nude to my natural lip color. It’s not paler nor really darker. It’s not as cool as it looks on the Charlotte Tilbury website in the look photos. It’s warmer, lighter and more pink than Very Victoria, more natural toned, Confession from the KISSING line is darker. Penelope Pink seems the closest on the lips. The creamy aspect of this shade makes it apply lighter than it looks in the tube. 1975 Red is a bright orange red cream. It’s lighter, brighter and warmer than Red Carpet Red.

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