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I’ve been waiting weeks for enough sunlight to start to capture the SUQQU spring collection. SUQQU is my favorite Japanese makeup brand. They have such an exquisite line. I love how easy they are to depot and the powder texture is superb. The blushes and eyeshadows fill quite a few spaces in my custom palettes. I grabbed two new Designing Color Eyes though quad 09 Ryogetsu has been in heavy rotation. Described as a Combination of icy grey, silver with stylish khaki. Cool like the surface of a moonlit lake. This quad is permanent. I love the warm grey and almost khaki grey brown. I never wear blues but the shimmering icy periwinkle is stunning. I was able to get away with it even on my warmer skin tone. I can go without the glittery top right shade but I’m not a glitter fan. More to come soon. Below starts top right then goes counter clockwise.

I’m also a huge fan of the SUQQU Pure Color Blush. The formula is so silky. The spring collection launched three new shades and I grabbed 09 Ayakagerou. This is a permanent shade so even though it’s sold out on Selfridges right now it will come back into stock eventually. This brown shade is described as Cool, muted brown combined with slightly reddish beige. Adds refined definitions to your face. I was afraid this would be too brown but it’s a lovely pink or rose based brown. It’s very much a pinky nude blush. It’s got just enough pink to keep it from looking muddy. I’ve pretty much been wearing this blush everyday and it will get depotted shortly to stay in my permanent collection. More to come. Top to bottom is left side, right side then mixed together.

I just talked about why I love African Botanics Fleurs d’Afrique Intensive Recovery Cream. It earned a spot in my hero products for good reason. It performs and produces noticeable results. It so well rounded and helps with every aspect of aging–pigmentation, antioxidant protection, reducing inflammation, restoring hydration and increasing elasticity in the skin, improves skin texture, stimulates cellular renewal. Full review HERE. The Belif Cleansing Gel Oil Enriched has been on my radar for a while. Belif was kind enough to send one to me and I love it. This has a gel oil texture, big surprise from the name right? I love that it smells like green essential oils, nothing too heavy it’s light in scent, plus it emulsifies and rinses clean along with all my makeup. It even does my eyes without stinging. More to come.

I’ve been playing with the new Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation thanks to Influenster. While I wouldn’t necessarily call it a product favorite or obsession, I have been using this weekly post to also talk about new things I’m playing with. This is most definitely a dewy foundation. It does better over certain primers such as more matte and less dewy or shiny primers. I have shade R300 which is a pretty good match. If you use this with the right primer it looks quite nice on. It has medium or beyond coverage that does last fairly well. It can breakdown on certain primers mid day or get oily so just remember to stay away from those dewy or hydrating shiny primers when using this foundation.

IGK has become one of my favorite hair brands over the last year. The Beach Club Texture Spray is at the top of my list for favorite texture sprays. Which says a lot as I have tried a ton of salt and texture sprays as that’s all I use on my hair. This can is almost empty and I will be making a review post coming up. I love that this one has some kind of a sticky (not too sticky) hold to it. It’s not one of those salt sprays that you put in and mid day you end up with frizz and flat hair. This spray makes your waves last all day long, it’s never crunchy and that little bit of sticky grit keeps the waves locked in all day.

So once again Caroline Hirons is right. The Votary Cotton Face Cloths are the best there is. I adore that these flannels that are soft enough to not be rough, large enough to cover my whole face and the cotton removes every bit of makeup with ease. You won’t regret buying them. I will be comparing these to some other cloths coming up on the blog. Did you know Votary is on SpaceNK now? Love it!

Make P:rem In-Shower Face Mask was one of those impulse buys at Target that later left me thinking why did I buy that? It was slow to learn to love this one. I always used my Fresh Sugar Face Polish in the shower. I found I really liked this on days when I didn’t want a scrub but still wanted a hydrating layer to keep the water loss at a minimum during shower time (reducing TEWL Trans Epidermal Water Loss in essence). This berry colored gel has a thick texture that does actually stay in place while you shower. I’ve never had it run down my face or into my eyes while showering. It does stay put. The mask contains glycerin, algae, multiple fruit extracts, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, squalane and other oils. It’s good for hydration in the shower and reducing TEWL. This product I didn’t know I needed has now become a shower favorite. Bonus it’s affordable and I love the plastic pump.

Siam Seas YEN Heal and Hydrate Toner has been on my wishlist for a while and I’m so excited it came in the Beauty Heroes box this month. This toner and serum hybrid uses 27 botanical extracts for a completely hydrating glorious sensorial experience. I love the botanical scent. Can’t go wrong when aloe and cucumber hydrosol are the top two ingredients.  It contains oils so this is actually hydrating, not just fancy mist water. I love this as more of an essence style, spray into the palms and pat onto your skin. More to come shortly when I review the box.

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