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I finally have not been stuffed up this week with a cold so I’ve been using my fragrances and essential oils again. I’ve been throwing on de Mamiel Anchor every night. Part of the new sleep series this balm is perfect easing yourself into sleep. Rub a little on your chest and wrists then inhale deeply for some instant calming and relaxation. I’ve also been loving the AMLY Botanicals Beauty Sleep Mist. It has an earthy green scent that soothes and induces sleep. I keep it by my bed right now and spritz on before bed. Read a bit more about it HERE.

I always get so excited about a new Drunk Elephant launch. C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream is a product I’ve been waiting for. It combines eight peptides with five forms of vitamin C to combat fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness & elasticity. It will also brighten the eye area as well as vitamin C helps with dark circles to some degree. I love the creamy texture. It is quite hydrating without being greasy or heavy. I’m only a week into texting it so I can’t speak to any real effects yet. I have a feeling it will become a hero product though.

Kat Burki makes some of the best skincare. It’s just lush and a dream to use. The Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream smells heavenly. It has a dreamy cucumber scent. The product is light and creamy while being moderately hydrating. It replenishes moisture, soothes and comforts. I’ve been reaching for it a lot lately. It’s a really great texture and the ingredients are superb. More to come.

LIXIR Skin Electrogel Cleanser is a newbie for me from Cult Beauty who just started carrying the line. Something about the pink tube and the name drew me towards it. This has a creamy texture that removes makeup and acts as a hydrating detox mask. It’s a short mask, you massage for a minute, leave on for a minute, then rinse. Quick and easy which is something I love. I love the sage and rosemary oil scent as they’re so calming at night. It’s got an interesting claim and details per Cult Beauty: A cleanser with a clever twist, this rich, cream formula removes make up and detoxes your skin, removing the harmful toxins that penetrate even the most scrupulous skin regimes. Based on the knowledge that things that are bad for your skin generally have a positively electric charge, this formula includes negatively charged electrogel, which attracts, captures and eliminates toxins for an unbeatably deep cleanse. I can’t speak to those claims after use as that’s a very hard thing to test out. However, I love the scent and dreamy texture. It’s hydrating and my skin feels rejuvenated after use. More to come.

I finally caved and grabbed the NIOD Survival 30 sunscreen. It’s a physical block. Not available in the US yet from NIODs website but you can order from Cult Beauty. It’s got a light not greasy texture that is quite nice. No major white cast and it’s faintly tinted. It comes with the dreaded dropper top which is terrible for this product. I bought a MAC foundation pump to use with this and it fits perfectly. Though NIOD did listen and now this will come with a pump as you can see the new pictures on NIODs site. I love that this sunscreen fights environmental stress and is a sunscreen. More to come.

Yuripibu is a Korean brand I ran across on Glow Recipe. The CELLUM Amaid Ampoule has a high concentration of Galactomyces Ferment. This sake yeast ferment brightens and renews skin. I love the packaging. It’s a huge heavyweight glass bottle that seems to last forever. I’ve been adding two drops into one of my night routine serums. An ampoule is meant to boost your routine with an active without needing a new serum. Sadly I can’t find it anymore on the Glow Recipe website. Maybe it’s just temporarily sold out?

I have rediscovered my love for Biologique Recherche Lotion P50. I thought I was done with this one after using the less irritating PIGM 400 version for a while. I have since discovered the best way to apply this is to pat on, not swipe. That greatly reduces the irritation and redness from applying this. Plus I still get all the benefits. Bonus. This is the Rolls Royce of acid toners. It amazing. Review HERE.

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