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This week has been so odd. The last week had been so warm I figured spring was fully in swing. Then it cooled down rapidly. With that weather change I went back to a cooler weather favorite foundation–Surratt Surreal Skin Foundation Wand. I forget how much I love this foundation until I pull it out again. I love the medium coverage satin finish that needs no powder as it self sets. It always looks like skin. I’ve actually tried shades 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9. Shade 6 is my best match. It can be a touch cool but it works the best. Shade 5 is too light, 7 too dark, 8 too gold & 9 was my best match until I tried 6. Shade 9 is actually lighter than 7 & 8 as well as more neutral. It’s a great summer shade for me. You can see the review HERE and more shades HERE.

I’ve always wanted to try Mahalo Skincare so I grabbed The Unveil Cleanser Melt Concentrate. This green balm cleanser was love at first use. It contains matcha green tea, alfalfa, arnica, comfrey, gotu kola, avocado, and cupuacu. It smells like lemon, ginger, frangonia, pink peppercorn and cacao. The citrus really takes over the balm which I love. It smells so fresh and inviting. This emulsifies and does leave some oils behind. It will remove all traces of makeup. I find the wood-burned pot so fun (my mom wood-burned her entire life and I’m always in awe of it because it was not my thing). More to come.

Everytime I go trough my fragrances I think I can get rid of Tocca Stella. Then I wear it for one day and remember why I love it. This blood orange inspired fragrance is fresh and perfect for spring. There’s something so vintage and unique about the heavyweight glass bottle. I talked about it HERE. I’ve been thinking about grabbing the LILFOX Cucumber + Black Seed Eye Butter for a while. I took the plunge and with the weather dipping it was perfect timing. My eyes have been super dry and I love an oil or eye butter at night when they’re extra dry. This has a thicker oil meets balm texture that melts into the skin. It’s very hydrating and rejuvenating. While black seed and cucumber oil are the key ingredients this butter also contains maracuja, coconut, rose hip, argan, marula, pomegranate, raspberry and avocado oils, candelilla wax & vitamin E.

Eufloria Botanicals* is a new brand on my radar. I saw it on Instagram and the inci list is amazing. I’ve been really into chaga, as well as other types of mushrooms, so I was excited to get to play with this Wild Chaga Revival Mist. It contains chaga tea, rooibos tea, aloe, rose & orange blossom distillate, witch hazel, lemon verbana distillate & chaga mushroom extract. More to come.

Kahina Giving Beauty is another brand I have heard of but had yet to dive into the line. I grabbed the Facial Cleanser. I love the large black glass bottle, this is a larger than normal bottle at 200ml. This creamy cleanser has a thinner texture than normal creamy cleansers. It contains aloe, argan & sunflower oils, glycerin, papaya fruit extract, willow bark as well as chamomile, rosemary & blue tansy for the scent. This cleanser is hydrating and won’t strip the skin, the willow bark and papaya help gently exfoliate and clear the skin. All while soothing with it’s natural flower scent.

OUMERE is a new brand to me. A scientific brand with amazing inci lists. A little pricey but I finally gave in and grabbed the Serum Bioluminelle. Not only is the packaging amazingly gorgeous (and scientific feeling in its flask style shape) but the product is amazing. This lightweight duo-phase oil serum glides on like the most amazing silk. The drool worthy inci list includes–Ursolic acid (Key in Zelens 3t Complex), beta glucan, carrot, camellia, avocado, grape seed, watermelon, prickly pear, green coffee, black seed & black currant oils, sea kelp, reishi & shiitake mushroom, elastin, HA, turmeric & broccoli extract, ginseng, guava, cilantro, horse chestnut, wasabi & aloe. More to come.

Lately my favorite brow combo has been using the SUQQU Liquid Eyebrow Pen followed by the new Hourglass brow gel. I apply the SUQQU on the outer half of my brows to really define the shape. This is so light yet precise. It really looks like real hairs and lasts all day. One of my favorite brow discoveries in a long time. Review HERE. I’ve then been following with Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel in Blonde. At first I wasn’t into this brow gel especially when used alone. It’s a bit light in color and not as pigmented as I thought it would be. I also wanted the wand to be smaller so it could be more precise.

Once I started to pair it with the SUQQU this really became a winning combo. The SUQQU defines the second half like I need (as I’ll never get that level of definition and color from this brow gel). The Hourglass shapes and grooms the whole brow while adding light pigment and some volume from the fibers in the formula. The part that became impressive is that this Hourglass formula manages to last all day (holds the hairs in place) without flaking or getting crunchy like most brow gels. It’s not a waxy formula like I normally prefer but it performs well for a gel.


Top to Bottom–SUQQU Camel, Hourglass Blonde, Surratt #6, Mahalo, LILFOX, Kahina Giving Beauty:

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