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Back to the sunshine this week. At least it’s still in that perfect 80 degree only spot for now. One of my all time favorite hyaluronic acid gel creams is the Perricone MD Hyalo Plasma. I’m on my second jar. It has a gel texture that’s less creamy than the typical gel cream. It’s thicker and more hydrating than a serum but less than a gel cream. In addition to the three forms of hyaluronic acid this contains niacinamide, urea, DMAE, allantoin & vitamin C ester. I usually make this my reward when I hit 2000 points at Ulta and get a shopping spree. I have a very early blog post about it HERE. This gives me that extra hydrating boost that is perfect for Spring/Fall.

Verdura LOTUS mist is a new brand and product to me. I love the glass bottle & fine mist. It contains glycerin, lotus and hibiscus extracts, tamarind, cucumber, green tea, aloe, chamomile & allantoin. Lotus extract is supposed to help shrink pores and hibiscus has been called the botox plant. It gives the mist it’s pink color. More to come.

Though I don’t picture it all the time, or often at all, the AMLY Botanicals Beauty Sleep Silver-Rich Facial Mist is sprayed on my face every single night before I go to bed. I adore the green herbal scent which I find so relaxing. This mist contains neroli flower water, glycerin, glucose, aloe, lactobacillus ferment, silver citrate, snow algae, hops & green tea extract to name a few. There’s also quite a few essential and floral oils. Snow algae is interesting. It increases cellular longevity by increasing cellular repair. There‚Äôs a very interesting research article on it HERE.

I have really been enjoying the La Bella Figura line. The Green Slate is a unique cleansing balm. It’s got a more buttery paste like texture than a typical oil cleansing balm. This uses cupuacu butter, camellia & grape seed oils as well as olive derived wax to clean your skin. The Clean Slate works just as well as a typical more oily cleansing balm but feels lighter. I have also been playing with the Aria Nighttime Recovery Treatment all week and I love it! There are some oils that you can just apply and know they’re going to be good. It has the loveliest texture that’s rich but sinks in beautifully and doesn’t feel heavy. I love the white glass pump bottle as it’s unique is a sea of black and clear bottles. Some of the oils are avocado, camellia, carrot, maracuja, amaranth (I admit I know nothing about this one), olive, barbary fig, saffron flower, several fruit oils and green coffee bean oil. Love the inci list. More to come on both.

I had a bunch of breakouts last week from the warming weather. I love that I have finally figured out how to use the Allies of Skin Promise Keeper. Promise Keeper is a cream for anyone with blemish issues, acne or even hormonal acne (why I use it) that combines AHA, enzymes and probiotics to help keep the skin clear. This is a light kind of sticky cream that was designed to be used as your night cream. It was never enough for me alone so I was always trying to find the best way to layer it to make it work for me. I found the best way was to cut it with a bit of Earthwise Beauty Tigress Balm which makes it hydrating enough for me to be a night cream. Mixing an oil with it didn’t work for me, that was still too light. In the summer this may be OK alone for me. It’s a new product so I didn’t have it last summer to play with. More to come.

I felt like I was in a hurry to get ready everyday this week so I reached for my Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Platinum quite a bit. It’s an easy, long lasting, crease-free cream eyeshadow. I have seen no other that even begins to compare to it’s longevity or crease free abilities. I am almost out and will most definitely repurchase. I just wish there were more neutral mid-tone shades. Review HERE. I love applying this eyeshadow with the Chikuhodo Takumi T-7. It’s an amazing brush for cream shadows, and powders as well. Review HERE.

I’ve always wanted to try Decorte Beauty and I was so excited when I saw them start to pop up on Selfridges. I restrained myself from grabbing a ton and only picked up two cream blushes. They’re amazing. The Cream Blush Moisturising Cheek Glow has the most fun bouncy texture. I pretty much live in cream blushes during the warmer months so I needed a few more. These ones are far from a typical creamy texture blush and have more of a gel cream to satin powder finish. These have a cooling almost water like feel to them. I grabbed Be350 (my favorite) & Pk850. These were the two most nude shades from the range. More to come.


Top to Bottom–Tome Ford Platinum, Decorte Be350, Pk850, La Bella Figura The Clean Slate, Allies of Skin Promise Keeper, Perricone Hyalo Plasma:

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